Super Dimensional Coffin Part 53

This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 52: The Eye and the First Layer of Necrobyssal

Though filled with the dead, dying and broken, the first layer of Necrobyssal, the surface was writhing, jerking with activity. From the ground it probably couldn’t be seen, but above? It was clear that it was a slowly swirling maelstrom of those at the limits of limits. Necropolises, dimensional pieces and countless ‘scrapheaps’ all moving like water circling a sink’s drain.

A dark hole from which came fearful crunching, and the wails and gnashing of teeth of those who could not escape falling down a layer. Of those who did not even reach the next layer but became one more piece of Necrobyssal detritus.

A thick black mist obscured all. While there were many things falling from the ‘sky’ there was no end of things that were managing still to fly, though they could not return to the outside of the dimension. They were trapped and bound and in time, they would fall into the centre of the maelstrom. Such was the weight of this knowledge that many dived right into the sinkhole of the first layer while they yet had strength. There was an unending swarm of those flying above there, such that there was even from time to time a necropolis hovering above the hole.

The coffin had appeared near one flying entity. A great lidless eye made up from corpses. The glowing eyes of the eye’s bodies stared with curiosity at the coffin in spite of the obscuring spellwork the coffin had.

Author: SnowyMystic