5th September 2017

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Chapter 44: Horn to horn

There was no memory. No echo of a possible past, nor a possible implant. Just a suffocating blankness. A shadow of absence. Yet it was quickly chained in bone. The dream of bones. That was how Doctor Bones took form in the dreamworld of Elcon. It did not accept him. Rather, it was not allowed to.

Just as loss was caged in bone, so was Doctor Bones caged from the slumbering minds of Elcon.

He was not fully aware. Not fully comprehending what had happened. Well, that wasn’t too different from how he had been since he had awoken from the coffin within the coffin.

There was an equine snort, and Doctor Bones’ mind was brought into clarity, and the prison he was in was filled with a light of splendour and he averted his gaze from the pure being that had come before him.

-W-what are you?- he asked.

-Can’t you see? I might ask what you are. I felt something similar to my kind, but well… quite disturbing, I must say, there’s some quite amazing defences on that coffin of yours-

Doctor Bones tried to look at the being. It was a creature with a body of a horse, legs that were goat-like in nature and a tail like a dream of a lion. The hair of this creature was a smooth chestnut, and it had swirling fetlocks that had the spark of sunlight in them. The mane was the horizon of dawn but coloured chestnut. The head of this being was like that of a horse, but nobler, with eyes that one could have mistaken for whole dimensions. Upon the brow of this head was a spiralling horn piercing beyond. A unicorn. A grander and mightier unicorn than many of their kind.

One could see through this creature, as if it wasn’t really there, but while so transparent. It was the realest thing Doctor Bones had seen since awakening from the coffin. He couldn’t help but feel that he was before a being that was in some odd way, similar to the Vortex Ur-Leech.

It spoke once more into Doctor Bones heart. The one he had in spite of lack of flesh.

-Though of worrying air, you genuinely hold good will in your very bones. However far that goes, I’ll give you an introduction Interloper. You may not have heard of me. I am one of the three great spirits of Elcon. The Chestnut Unicorn. No name other than that Title will I bear, for that was what Traveller gave to me when he tamed me.-

-I am Doctor Bones, Dimensional Doctor. I assure you great spirit, that I mean no harm to Elcon or its people-

The unicorn stared at him, and Doctor Bones felt a madness bubble in him. A resentment of the feeling that this spirit knew more about him that he himself did. Being a skeleton, he quashed the feeling rather more easily than a man of flesh would have.

-You do not mean harm, and if you are who we both think you are, you never did. You’ll understand when you look at what you’ve been trying to find here. Ok. I’m done here. Satisfied my duty and curiousity. Don’t think anything will happen. Goodbye, take care, don’t unleash any ancient evils and so on.-

Just as the unicorn was about to leave, Doctor Bones called out.

-Wait, please, won’t you tell me some of what you know of me? What disturbed you and brought you before me?-

The unicorn did not face Doctor Bones. It wasn’t out of shame or cowardice. Rather perhaps it was out of mercy.

-I should think that anyone if they felt the presence of their own kind, masses of their own kind, refined and transformed into one entity, they’d be a little bit disturbed and curious-

-Am I the workings of madness and evil then?- Doctor Bones asked.

-No. If there is such in you, if you are a harbour of the shadows that protect naught, it is not your horn. Count it a gift. From my kind to you personally. The horn is as innocent as the dumb blade is, as the plow used for murder is. Take your time, Last Doctor of Corpentsis. Everything should be fine as long as you do not rush-

The spirit began to fade.

-If I was to tell all that I know, it would be truth, but you’d deceive yourself with it. Some advice to you Doctor; what you must do never changes. No matter how deep one’s crimes. No matter how bright ones’ deeds. In your case, it is even more obvious a path than many others.-

The blinding pure presence left Doctor Bones, and he felt himself awaken, but the Chestnut Unicorn had one more thing to say.

-You are a doctor are you not Doctor Bones?-

This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 43: The Rocks Pull their Weight

Doctor Bones had his hands on the controls. From the outside, had one had good enough sight one might have seen what looked like a black coffin doing all kinds of tricks such as loop the loops and so on in the air. It didn’t look like it was going anywhere in particular.

“Doctor! Don’t just press things wildly!” Miss Fern screamed, dodging a rock that was itself screaming.

-I’m not, its just that about everything does the opposite to what I think it does!-

He protested this, and continued to try and control the spinning coffin.

-Oh, I think I’m beginning to get the hang of…-

“Watch out doctor!”

There was a loud crack as one of the purple rocks slammed into Doctor Bones’ skull. Naturally he went flying off the control throne. The light in his eyes went out.

“Doctoooorrrrr!” Miss Fern cried out.

Doctor Bones lay prone, still. A monument that even undead skeletons can be knocked out cold by a well placed rock to the skull. If it was any comfort, he wasn’t really getting better at controlling the coffin.

-Oh, sorry about that- the rock apologised.

-He could have ducked-

-That’s an awfully big mountain we’re heading towards-

On the mirrorscreen a mountain of orange rock, blanketed with snow and afflicted with spots of trees, loomed threateningly. With a great deal of panicking, Miss Fern jumped into the control throne. She touched the controls of the coffin.

From this action, a greater speed was demonstrated by the coffin.

“Oh bother! how about this!”

Miss Fern was a bit clumsy with her hooves, but she managed to repeat a series of complicated inputs that she saw Doctor Bones begin before he was knocked out.

From this action, an even greater speed was demonstrated by the coffin.

<Warning, collision imminent>

-Well, that sound bad-

“If I could just figure out how to pull up we’d be fine!”

One of the rocks faced the mirrorscreen and then the controls.

-Isn’t that just like this?-

Before Miss Fern could stop the small rock, it rolled over the controls. There was jerk and Miss Fern tumbled from the seat as the coffin abruptly ascended.

-Oooh, this is pretty neat, but I need a little help here-

More of the rocks crowded about the controls and the coffin began to stabilize.

“How, how did you all do that?”

-Eh? Its fairly intuitive though?-

-Watch, we just went like this-


-And this-

Miss Fern watched them insert a number of inputs that seemed to have nothing to do with movement. It didn’t even seem like they were using the keyboard and tracking-orb in a sensible manner at all. In particular they just seemed to lightly bump against the tracking-orb to produce amazing effects.

-This is right neat-

-We can go anywhere!-

-I’ve always wanted to check out the Hot Thing-

-You’ve only been around for minutes though-

-Its what Papa would have wanted-

-A moment of silence for Papa-

The rocks grew still and silent for once, alas, it really was only a moment.

-Right, let’s check out the Hot Thing!-

-Wait, couldn’t we see the Giant Snowman’s carrot nose with this?-

“Ahhh ahh! If you guys want to live here, you gotta pull your weight! If you want to stay, you’ve got to work the controls for me and the Doctor! Got it?” Miss Fern said, obvious to the fact that a) Doctor Bones probably didn’t want the rocks sticking around and b) unless you thought of her as an ornamental potted plant, she really wasn’t pulling her own weight.

In fact, if you qualified her as an ornamental potted plant, she was doing a bad job there.

-Seems fair-

-I’m still not convinced they didn’t steal this thing-

-Yeah, they don’t even know how to control it-

-Well, whatever. You wanted to go somewhere right?-

-Where was it?-

-Oh the spooky place from Papa’s memories-

While this had been going on, Doctor Bones had not been experiencing mere unconsciousness.