About – New Readers Come Here!

The Stories on this website are fantasy, as you know it and fantasy stranger still. The Stories on this site take the form of single update stories and multiple update stories.

The first story on this site is; Lofan and Atticus. You can start there if you want, but most of these stories should be written in a way that you can enjoy them from any point without needing knowledge from previous stories.


Howl Sing Rock Sand is a good multi-update story to sink your teeth into if you like things silly and strange.


The Heart and the Obsidian Orb is in the vaguely more serious and traditional fantasy setting of the motionverse if that is more your colour.



The later stuff is usually better quality, except when I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Bear with me as I hone and experiment with my skills.


You can find all the stories on the index.


The Stories on this site should be fine for people of most ages, young and old, though Elcon will tend to be more appropriate than Kigan. For some curious reason most of what I write sounds better read aloud, so you may do that if you want, but if you have children, well then it’d be a shame not to read the stories to them aloud.


When I say they should be fine, I mean that you should if you are a parent, read the stories yourself and decide if they are suitable for your children, In the end I am not their parent, and what I consider fine, may not be what you do. In particular I’m of the belief that a small bit of fear and creepiness is healthy for children, like the folktales of old and the old Disney films that were hacked together from them.

Regardless, young, old, not that old or in denial, please enjoy these tales from worlds not our own.