Index of Stories

These stories should be fine for reading in any order, but if you want, Lofan and Atticus was the first on this site, and you can start from there. However, later stories are likely to be of far better quality.

Howl Sing Rock Sand is a good multi-update story to sink your teeth into if you like things silly and strange.

The Heart and the Obsidian Orb is in the vaguely more serious and traditional fantasy setting of the motionverse if that is more your colour.



Stories set among the many dimensional tunnels that run through worlds and dimensions. The Train runs of tracks in some of these tunnels, and monstrous beings like the Big Mouths prowl the nigh endless ways. There are however four lands that have more direct connections to this meta-dimension. Snowy Elcon, Blazing Korund, Vibrant Faror and the Ludicrously Damp Bluville. The stories in these places should be fine for children and adults, but it is always good to make sure! These stories will often be light and humourous in nature, even if some bad things happen.


Elcon Stories

These are stories set in the cold lands of Elcon, where the chocolate river runs beneath frozen chocolate water. Of the four lands, it is the wildest and most dangerous.


[Short Stories]

The Little Fire that Could

Howl, Sing, Rock, Sand

A Lighter Tale – Contains Lofan

Gilded Blue Theft


The Carrot and The Stick (Arc 1)



Lofan and Atticus

Sudden Manifestation, Tickets and Business

Cooking without Fire

Coby and the Carp of Murk

Having Your Cake And Not Eating It

Night of the Blue Drink

The Cardgame on the Carrot

Genie’s Eviction Notice

No tears for the spilt liquid

Count Radulac’s Uninvited Guests

Actually Jelly

Residential Badness

Egg Reappearing




Stories set in a dimension that has not got the train running through it. The tunnel leading through it is small. In this universe magic is motion and patterns. Without motion nothing moves, not even time. These stories set in Kigan, Awarth, Sunder and The Voidspread are vaguely more serious. These stories may be too obscure for young children and at times pretty much everyone(this includes me). I more seriously suggest parental guidance as these stories are set in the terror and wonder of fantasy. Things can of course get a bit silly here too.


Kigan/Awarth Stories

Kigan is a round world who’s sky is covered by the branches of the Anchor Tree Yaibggael, who’s fruits are that world’s stars and their sun and moon, Ollan and Nanlach. Kigan has one more sun and moon, ones not borne of the Anchor Tree. Blood red Relhs the prison of torment and Golden Vlahros seen as paradise by many.

The roots of Yaibggael descend deep pastĀ Urlbris the mazerealm where the once dead face trials and into the very heart of the planet. There is however another side to Kigan, to those that know how or those that slip, fall or are pulled the right way, a mirror, a shadow or a dream can lead one to the obscure realm of Awarth. A realm of shadows, dreams and reflections.

[Short Stories]

Dark Wizard Cursed

The Remnant Golem

The Heart and The Obsidian Orb

Olice and the Red Crystal RealmHunters of the Crimson Eye [These two stories are paired, though while HotCE could be read on its own, it’d spoil Olice’s tale]

Stir Around Dead




The Day that wouldn’t Shed

The Stone that Broke

Slipped and got Stuck

Spoils of the Hunt

Implying Voiceless Assent

The Shadowsmith of Talvharn

The Wind Blows, The Cold Lingers

Starting a Fire that Helps Others

For All This, the Spear Remains a Spear

Bad Blood: Unburied Dirt

Vogga and the Vixen

Goat Gone Magic


Sunder Stories

What is this shattered remnant of a world? Some tales will be close to the Sundering, others when it was a distant memory and some stories will take place in such a vastness that the event is barely known. In time these stories will arise.

[Short Stories]

Concerted Reversal



The Box, The Bird, The Alchemist

Common Crystal Fortune

Shine Smiler Shine!

Yet, even with that you must feed

Soup Under Shroud

What the Rain Will Not Wash Away

Silver Spider String

Nemesis Play

A Match in Gold and Silver



These are stories that are set in many dimensions or between dimensions, who knows what could crop up here?

[Short Stories]

Super Dimensional Coffin


Dimensional Healing

Leaving Nothing Behind in the Void

Incidental Freedom

Vortexual Pig’s Luck

Knorgoroth’s Master