12th September 2017

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This is a serial, the first part is HERE

Chapter 49: A Galling Stone is Removed

-The bindings in the bars of those cages… if I’m not wrong…-

Doctor Bones’ eyes flashed. Miss Fern proving she wasn’t a complete vegetable spoke.

“The magic in them is trans-dimensional is it Doctor?”

-Correct, but apart from that, we should free these spirits- Doctor Bones replied.

The rocks leaned towards the cages, and the ghosties wailed pitifully.

-Hey, how come they didn’t turn into something ghastly if they’ve been stuck in those cages?-

-I’d go stir crazy if you stuffed me into a box-

-Being buried in soil ain’t too bad-

-The cages probably kept them that way… for experiments or something like that- Doctor Bones explained.

“Poor things” Miss Fern sympathized.

The ghosties were getting more excited as they realised the newcomers were talking about freeing them.

-So, how do we crack them out then?-

-Is this really a good idea?-

-They won’t turn into something terrible will they?-

-Ghosties are pretty terrible-

-Other terrible-

-How terrible-

-Enough talk! They’ll break easily enough from the outside with a bit of force! Get to destruction! They’ve been stuck here long enough! After that we’re going to destroy this place completely!-

The rocks hurriedly started to smash the cages which prompted cries of joy from the ghosties as they slipped out, joining together in a kaleidoscope of a river and flowing right out of the twisted lab. Doctor Bones wasted no time in gathering up the shattered remains of the cages.

“How are you going to destroy this place Doctor? Are you going to call the red apocalypse again?”

-What? why would I use a tranquillizer to destroy a lab? No what we’re going to use is this!-

Doctor Bones pulled out a bundle of rattling black sticks that glowed red occasionally. Along with these, he also had a wand that had a black button on one end that glowed like the sticks. Miss Fern managed to remember some of the medical knowledge that had been implanted into her for once.

“Aren’t those for blowing up possessed gallstones? Ah, blowing up. I see”

Indeed primarily the Black Messengers of Relief in Flame, or BLAMERFs as those in the trade called them, were used inside of beings to destroy gallstones that had gotten possessed by impure spirits. As it happens most medical equipment for giant beings is even more lethal than the kind for smaller folk. BLAMERFs are basically moderately volatile pieces of charcoal made from trees with purifying attributes.

A dramatic spread of both his arms and wings accompanied Doctor Bones next words.

-Now, my sturdy orderlies, take these and place them throughout the lab!-


-More spooky speak!-

-What’re orderlies?-

-Reckon they’re like some kind of wicked enforcers-

-Neat, I always wanted to be an enforcer-

-We’ve been press-ganged! I’m telling you!-

-Do pirates have enforcers?-

The rocks chattered inanely but soon the deed was done. Thankfully instead of comically pressing the wand’s ignition button while they were still in the lab, they all returned to the coffin.

“You didn’t want to look for records or anything Doctor Bones?”

-No, its better for that place to be destroyed completely-

He said this, but he was worried about a few things. For example, if Latent Corpentsis reformed, why was there still ghosties stuck in the lab? Was it just that it wasn’t the last lab that the twisted Corpentsis made?

Regardless, he pushed the button and they all watched the ice crumble on the mirrorscreen of the coffin.

All that was left was to feed the broken cages to the coffin and they could make their way to Necrobyssal.