1st September 2017

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This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 42: Doc Bones Vs. UI round 2

-Gosh, this is one seriously spooky place-

-Well, they are spooky people-

-Was it really a good idea following them in here?-

-Better the spooky you don’t know than getting eaten-

-Not being eaten is nice-

-Well then, its settled, we’ll be living here-

The rocks decided everything themselves.

-Hold on here! You can stay until I find what I’m looking for, after that, I’ll drop you lot somewhere safe nearby- Doctor Bones objected.

-Don’t be so stingy, what’s a few rocks!-

-Besides we’re highly ornamental, nobody would notice!-

Looking at the rocks chattering and rolling about, Miss Fern thought to herself -wouldn’t anyone notice?-

There was a rumble and the coffin shook alarmingly. The chaos outside was of course still there. The rocks huddled together artistically and shivered. Ignoring them for the moment, Doctor Bones moved to the control room. A scene of utter mayhem was on the mirror, but what with it being Elcon, a land covered in snow, most of it was obscured by snow. The rocks and Miss Fern, having followed Doctor Bones, looked with worry at the scene.

-Oh, that looked painful-

-Did that guy just stop the behemoth with his fist?-

-I’m not sure being on fire like that is healthy-

Doc Bones waved a hand at them, attempting to quiet them.

-Now, which one of these… this one- Doc Bones pressed an icon after bringing up a menu.

A moment of tension from Doc Bones and Miss Fern. It did not go unnoticed by the rocks.

-Hey, do you even know how to use this thing?-

-Maybe they’re coffin thieves-

-Come to think of it, isn’t this a bit spacious for a coffin?-

-I know how to use it, just be quiet for a moment, Ah, right. I think I just have to press it a second time-

“You think…?”

Doc Bones had already pressed it, and with an earthshattering boom, the coffin shot up into the air not like a flying vessel, but like a missile. The rocks screamed as they rolled around. There’d normally be stabilization from the dimensional shields, but well…

Those weren’t working were they. The rocks, Miss Fern and Doc Bones all screamed as the coffin hurtled through the air.