11th September 2017

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This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 48: Ghostie Cages

The dead of Elcon if they linger around for long enough without a physical form begin to lose all identity. All memory. They become reduced to looking like a floating ethereal bedsheet (available in all colours). All that remains of a face is three holes in the sheet. A mouth and two eyes.

Ghosties as they are called happen to be completely harmless and indeed usually cannot interact with the world of the living much other than making spooky woo-woo noises. While many denizens of Elcon tend to avoid ‘risen’ they generally don’t care about ghosties.

As opposed to the frequently miserable and murderous risen, ghosties are usually quite carefree and good humoured. They love nothing more than surprising people and having a good chuckle. They are also notorious for snooping about. A secret said in the presence of a ghostie is not long secret. If ever they gather in large number ghosties tend to engage in dancing.

A full ghostie host dancing amid the snows isn’t a bad sight at all.

Speaking of bad sights, the ghosties in the room certainly qualified. They weren’t at all carefree and happy. They were quite miserable in fact.

-How come they’re just staying in those cages anyway?- a rock asked.

The room was filled with cages with ghosties stuffed into them. The cages glimmered and glittered with colours like the ghosties that were within. Each cage only had the same colour of ghosties that it contained.. While ghosties can pass through just about everything, these ones were pressed up against the bars of the cages. They could not pass through.

They gave out sorrowful woo-woo noises as they rattled the bars.