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Author John C. Wright’s site

Honestly the more this guy writes, the more I feel like putting him up there with the likes of C.S. Lewis. He is his own man though. Quite a number of different foibles. Some great fantasy and sci-fi. I’d easily recommend most of his writings.

Vox Day’s Blog

Christians have Satan, Secular folk have Vox Day. Utterly controversial, but whatever one believes about the man behind the mask of DARK LORD, Vox Day has a wit far beyond the most of us. Writes a fairly mean fantasy epic too. SJW’s Always Lie is a good guide for how do deal with the people who cry wolf.

Web Fiction Guide (online serial novels, reviews)

My page on Web Fiction Guide

You can also find me on Gab, @SnowyMystic. Come join the Divergence.

My brother’s site for his sci-fi fantasy book Of North Blood Drawn The second book is now also out! Buy it and guilt trip him into writing more!

SOME OTHER SERIALS, Make sure to check them out on Web fiction guide if you worry about content!

MageLife is another Magic Serial, the tale of a punch-clock mage! Now in ebook form too! Magelife-Ebook

Fooled is basically a serial done in the style of a Disney movie. It works, try not to be too confused by that. There is usually a little bit of art in each update.

The Beginner’s Guide to Magical Site Licensing Magic IP laws. I don’t really think I need to type more.

Seagrave’s Journey An Urban Odyssey with a strong distinct style. Very Fantastical.

Starwalker Space Opera in the form of ship’s logs… by the ship? Oh my! I had to put something non-fantasy… then again, space opera isn’t that far off from fantasy, oh well.

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf Honestly? The title totally turned me off when I first encountered it, but having actually read it? Fairly Enjoyable.

You can also find serials I’ve read, looked at or reviewed on my profile page on Webfiction Guide.