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Chapter 53: Twisted Life

As the gazes of the corpse-eye pierced through the coffin everything rattled and shook, the rocks, Miss Fern and even Doctor Bones’ bones! They all felt like their very being was being peeled back, that all their innermost thoughts were being revealed, in the case of the rocks and Miss Fern, this was less of a deal than it seemed, after all, the outer and inner thoughts of the rocks weren’t much different. They didn’t really think much. As for Miss Fern there was indeed a terrifying reality to her innermost thoughts, her darkest secrets, all the romantic fantasies she came up with in her head!

Apart from magic and such powers, there’s many reasons natural telepaths are usually miserable people isn’t there?

Now, while the inner truths of the rocks and the vegetable were fairly trivial, Doctor Bones had entirely far too many secrets and worries stuffed in that skull of his. Of course, when the corpsesight wormed its way inside, there was sound that was half horse-snort, half phoenix and all noble.

Abruptly, the gaze paused in its curious advance. Doctor Bones had he skin, would have been sweating heavily as he felt the owner consider if it was worth attempting to look further. The corpse-eye thankfully withdrew its inspection. It was however still staring right at the coffin.

-Our apologies, we have been quite rude. In apology we shall call forth a sanctuary for strangers to talk in peace- the voice like air of a cypt seeped into everyone’s awareness.

The eyes of the corpses flickered in different colours and some manner of obscure and arcane pattern. Ghostly echos whispered from the dead lips of the eye’s bodies and there was an instant of otherness, as if one had looked into a mirror and did not recognise the face staring back. From the outside, it was as if the coffin and the corpse-eye had both vanished, in truth they were in a sealed space.

-Talk in peace eh? Only after you decided not to satisfy your curiosity forcefully… now what was it, ah yes- Doctor Bones thought.

-Rocks, set the coffin into High Aegis-

-Eh? What’s that?-

-Defence? Well, that’d be-

-Here right?-

-Oooo shiny-

The coffin flashed blue, and an ethereal azure coffin formed around the coffin itself. Nothing more, nothing less. From inside the coffin, nothing looked like it had changed.

“Uh, did that do anything?” Miss Fern doubted.

The corpse eye however quickly put distance between itself and the coffin, but even so, for a moment a blue flame had scourged its outside.

-We greet thee in peace, voyagers who dare to brave Necrobyssal. We are a Child of Hopeful Dead Quplikhe. If we have offended thee, then we shall depart-

-Rocks, voice transmission spell-


-Rolling Director!-

-Greetings in peace, Great Quplikhe, I am Doctor Bones. Your curiosity is forgiven stay we may speak a while-

“Uwaah, does it really get to stay, its really creepy and gross” Miss Fern whispered in complaint.

The dead of Quplikhe smiled.

-Then we shall be bold Doctor. What brings you and your fascinating vessel to this realm where all is at the end of ends?-

“Uwaah, all of those corpses are panting in expectation. Creepy. Gross” Miss Fern complained.

-Talking with this sorta thing is bad news- One rock muttered

-Spooky bad news-

-If it has so many mouths, why does it only have one voice-

-I’m never sleeping again, ever-

-The eyes are the worst thing-

-Eyes are always a bad thing-

-Yeah, eyeless is best-

“Aren’t you guys just saying that because you have no eyes”

-Keh, busted-

-Wait, the Director doesn’t have eyeballs!-

-He’s got glowy things though-

Ignoring the nonsense chorus next to him, Doctor Bones continued to talk to Quplikhe.

-We’ve come to heal someone, a dimensional sigil guided us- Doctor Bones said, seeing no reason to hide his purpose.

-Remarkable. So, it is illness you seek. Most are beyond such, hmm. We are interested to see your work. A sigil… many such cries strike out from this place. Fools who know not that they can flee no more. Still, illness and a sigil… Look over there, that thorny mass, does something strike you as odd?-

Doctor Bones’ eyes flickered over the scenery below as soon as Quplikhe mentioned it. Not much time was spend to find what was spoken of. There rising above the dead and broken was something like a tree without leaves, a castle without windows or doors. It was composed of writhing black bladed brambles. Many of the dead were constantly attacking it, eating it. One reason for this was clear. The tangle was constantly growing.

The other reason?

In spite of being in the Necrobyssal, the brambles were alive.

-Life in death, but you can feel it can’t you, the sensation of sickness. A disease-

This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 52: The Eye and the First Layer of Necrobyssal

Though filled with the dead, dying and broken, the first layer of Necrobyssal, the surface was writhing, jerking with activity. From the ground it probably couldn’t be seen, but above? It was clear that it was a slowly swirling maelstrom of those at the limits of limits. Necropolises, dimensional pieces and countless ‘scrapheaps’ all moving like water circling a sink’s drain.

A dark hole from which came fearful crunching, and the wails and gnashing of teeth of those who could not escape falling down a layer. Of those who did not even reach the next layer but became one more piece of Necrobyssal detritus.

A thick black mist obscured all. While there were many things falling from the ‘sky’ there was no end of things that were managing still to fly, though they could not return to the outside of the dimension. They were trapped and bound and in time, they would fall into the centre of the maelstrom. Such was the weight of this knowledge that many dived right into the sinkhole of the first layer while they yet had strength. There was an unending swarm of those flying above there, such that there was even from time to time a necropolis hovering above the hole.

The coffin had appeared near one flying entity. A great lidless eye made up from corpses. The glowing eyes of the eye’s bodies stared with curiosity at the coffin in spite of the obscuring spellwork the coffin had.

This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 51: Once more, a coffin descends to Necrobyssal

<Arrival at destination platform confirmed. Dispersing arrival platform. All systems normal, no aberrations have attached themselves to the SDC’s exterior. Display outside on main mirror?>

Doctor Bones didn’t even have to say anything. The rocks brought up the view right away.

<Strengthening dimensional shielding against necrotic forces. Warning, prolonged exposure will result in systems failure. Environment is extremely hostile to all lifeforms, and possesses binding upon unlife. Disembarking is not advised.>

The black horizon extended without end, a sky covered with a dark lid, from which things were always falling. The first layer of Nercobyssal was above them. A mass of dead and scrap, pressed up against the outside of the dimension to such an extent that they bled through into the dimension itself.

There was no sun, no celestial body to cast light. Instead what gloomy light there was came from spirits of the dead, from broken and forgotten relics. The mighty lay shattered still holding enough strength to avoid falling into the darkness of Necrobyssal. In time though, they would fall.

The light would descend and be snuffed out. That the candle went without wax or wick for so long would be miracle enough.

There was a constant rain of debris, though it was not all places at all time, but there was always someone in the Dead Horizon who could resist no longer.

Many dreamed of struggling their way to the top, to escape from Necrobyssal, but these undead had escaped their trials and judgement in countless dimensions.

They no longer would be accepted.

Below the coffin was swirling blackness. The surface of the dimensional abyss itself. Though undead, Doctor Bones had not yet reached the limits of limits, indeed, he was likely far off from that. Still, it would be unwise to linger too long.

Inside that abyss was layer upon layer of dead and broken. As you got deeper, the more dead and broken they would be.

Some claimed that at the very bottom there was pulsating void. Some claimed this void was the origin of all, that all would return to it. People claim many things…

Some claim that at the very bottom lies a paradise, a world where all ills are washed away.

Some claim that there is neither void nor paradise, but torturing fire, the wages of those who sought to cheat death.

-The lot of the once-dead is judgement and trial- Doctor Bones thought of something he was sure he had heard many times.

Indeed, whatever dimension you go to where undead arise, there exists trials, there exists that which tests the mettle of those that resist death. Of those things that the dimensions hold in common, the trials of the dead is one that worries many.

-Man, its even spookier than I imagined-

-It doesn’t look like we can pin-point that sigil thing you were talking about Director-

-T-that’s a lot of dead things-

-Too spooky-

“Does everything end up here?”

-No. Not everything. Bring us down further, into the whorl of the abyss, we’ll be able to find the patient when we’re there- Doctor Bones said.

-Here goes nothing-

-I should have stayed in Elcon-

-What kind of patient is in a place like this?-

-A spooky patient-

-What kind of illness?-

-A spooky illness-

The rocks grew silent as the coffin neared closer to the swirling blackness.

Then, the coffin passed through.

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