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2017 · September · 13 · Fabled Hearts

13th September 2017

You are currently browsing the daily archive for 13th September 2017.

This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 50: A Breath to Refine

It was a black room with a furnace shaped not unlike a cauldron. Within that furnace were blue flames. No smoke came from these flames.

The refinery of the coffin.

Doctor Bones threw the remains of the cages into the furnace, they did not fall but hung in the air amid the flames and unravelled, as if they were a woollen garment. The stands taken from this vanished into the depths of the furnace and ghostly roars came from the arcane workings within.

<Trans Dimensional Laws being absorbed. Repairs in progress>

“Its that simple?” Miss Fern boggled.

-The coffin is an amazingly crafted dimensional vessel-

-Yes, amazing. Almost as if it was the last triumphant gasp. A grand tomb made by the dying- Doctor Bones mused.

“It won’t be long before we’re at Necrobyssal. Do you think you’ll learn anything new about this Corptentsis thing you talked about?”

-No, rather than answers, I think there’ll be a patient already long past saving. Still, I have to go. You sure you don’t want to stay with the rocks? Just telling them about Necrobyssal scared them-

Miss Fern giggled a bit.

“How did they put it again? A whole dimension of spooky? I want to see it.”

-Right, time to look for suitable protections then, the deathaura of Necrobyssal is far too toxic for living beings.-

The coffin slowly continued its repairs…