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Chapter 33: The Sugar Draggy Descends

Part of the problem with dragons is the sheer number of things that could be said to be a dragon. Another issue is that all dragons, no matter how weak they may be, and even beings that just have a little bit of dragon blood, like a not so humble carp have the potential to become mighty dimension crossing tyrants. Many would understand a dragon to basically be a flying lizard that breathes fire. They are all however much closer to fish than they are lizards. Still, wings, devastating breath and scales are common to the majority of dragons. Even if they do not have wings, they often can still fly. Such are the laws of dragons.

Doctor Bones would not have been at all surprised if the dragon above them had started out existence as a sugarcube with mind and will that had a drop of dragon’s blood fall on it. He wasn’t about to ask. He didn’t want to find out what kind of breath the dragon had.


Now, given that dragons tend to be quite arrogant, you might wonder why on earth would such a being heed the call of a bunch of jelly tots, but you see, the key is in the nature of a Bidden.

Biddens are summons that can be called across dimensions, and unlike many beings that can be summoned at the behest of any who know the correct method, Biddens are bound into being a summon. A Bidden can exist in many dimensions at the same time, not only that, but they can even manifest in a single dimension multiple times.

The trade off is that a Bidden has very little and often no ability to act when not summoned. Indeed a Bidden usually has its time frozen when it becomes a Bidden. If one had a wound, one would remain alive and wounded until such a time that one escaped being a bidden. It is very rare for a bidden to change in power, and even rarer for a wound inflicted on a bidden to persist in future summonings.

It is exceedingly common for a being to have become a Bidden in a bid to avoid some dreadful fate.

The savage jelly tots chattered their grievances to Sugar Draggy with many bows, scrapes and general supplication. Miss Fern and Doctor Bones could not understand the words, but they got the intent. The tribesjellies wanted them purged with extreme sugary prejudice!


Sugar Draggy raised his blocky head up, power gathered physically before it, growing as a crystal does and Doctor Bones put a hand into his spacial darkness to pull something out, while Miss Fern cowered behind him. Yet Dr. Bones did not end up taking anything out.

Instead the power of breath Sugar Draggy was gathering shattered and faded as flour in the wind. The mighty being doubled over in the air, as if in pain. It held forth a finger for a moment.


It was hard to tell, but Doctor Bones’ eyes were shining brighter than usual.

“To treat a Bidden… it can be done!”

This is a serial, the first part is HERE

Chapter 32: Necrobyssal and QUIVER IN FEAR BLAND ONES!

It has to be said, that discovering that a mysterious shadowy interdimensional medical organization is probably inactive isn’t really the worst of news. Dr. Bones however felt a feeling of sorrow, as if a beloved son had departed in untimely manner.

“Wonder what got them in the end?” Miss Fern callously mused.

-If they were got by something, hopefully that too has passed, otherwise it bodes ill for us.-

Doctor Bones tried not to consider the possibility that he was what that thing was. The exact nature and purpose of the seal in his mind after all, was not known.

“This doesn’t really change much though, does it? We’ll still be poking around in ruined labs won’t we?” Miss Fern asked.

-It does change some things. Most of the sigils are quite ancient. One however is still active. Whoever sent it yet lives-

“One last patient for Latent Corpentsis”

-Might be more fitting to call us Remnants of Corpentsis.-

“We’re going right away then?”

-Yes, I’m amazed the sigil has lasted as long as it has and we can always return to here-

They moved back through the greenery, talking as they did so.

“So where is it?”

-Oh, the Necrobyssal-

Miss Fern almost tripped over her own legs, all four of them.

“I-isn’t that were all the dead and refuse end up if they slip through all other dimensions? Oh no, now I’m thinking about all the knowledge I got about it. This is terrifying Doctor!”

-Don’t worry so much, I’ll make sure to give you a protective suit… er bowl. You can even stay inside the coffin if you want-

“Oh no, I have to see it for myself!”

-Weren’t you complaining about it being terrifying!-

“Yes, but that’s what makes it so romantic! A flower alone in the dimension of the dead! Where-ever will she go, what will she do?”

-You’ll be with me though-

“Ah, yes if anything goes wrong you can just blow everything to pieces with that monstrous weapon of yours”

-It’s a medical instrument, not a weapon- Dr. Bones protested.

They walked right out of the tower. The main entrance no less. They had quite forgotten themselves. Which meant they had quite forgotten about the Draggy Tot tribe savages. They were surrounded by the Draggy Tot tribesjellies in moments. The jelly tots themselves were hooting and screaming at the two for daring to have snuck into their holy grounds.

It didn’t help matters that Dr. Bones had forgotten to put their disguises back on.

“It looks like you’ll have to subdue them, call the red stick of doom down Doctor”

-That would be fatal, I’m sure I can find some…- Doctor Bones began.

He trailed off because the jelly tot people had started a mystic chant. A chant that caused a dimensional tear to appear in the sky. Sparkling white clawed hands poked through and then rent the tear open. Leaping then from the tear was a being no smaller than the tower Dr. Bones and Miss Fern had come through.

A shining being radiating power! Every part of it, each curving muscle covered in sparkling grains. Two mighty arms. Two wickedly taloned feet. A pair of wings to replace the light of the sun. A perfectly square featureless head with no horns. A tail whipping around behind it. A figure of a blockheaded dragon made of sugar.

It might have been laughable had it been small enough to fit in a palm, but the size and power of this being conveyed that it was a monarch of dimensions. A being with few equals. A higher dragon!

-Well this is rotten fortune, they’ve called a bidden! This is part of why its always best to avoid contact-

“We did a fine job of that Doctor”


This is a serial, first part HERE

Chapter 31: Corpentsis,the Undead and the Dead

“Ah, Doctor, you’re back again. I kept the plants from eating you while you had your episode.”

Doctor Bones shifted his head from the ground where he had fallen. It was a good thing he was a skeleton, otherwise the pose of him with buckled knees and rear in the air would have been far more embarrassing. Miss Fern was chewing on some plant that had gotten a bit too aggressive. So much for welcoming. Then again, a cat might welcome you home, but it might also gnaw on your bones after your death.

There was a small worry in Doctor Bones’ mind on seeing her chewing a plant, since all the plants were likely medical ones. Still, he comforted himself with the knowledge that he had by his own hand given Miss Fern Medical knowledge. He quickly got up from the ground and dusted himself off in order to assume some form of dignity.

-Much obliged- he thanked Miss Fern.

She waved a dismissive leaf in return.

“There was just a few chancing their roots. Now, what did you remember, what’s the name of the dubious person on the dubious card? I find this all very exciting”

-Oh her? Her name is…-

Doctor Bones paused, it was best not to say her name. That sort of thing could summon her. He had an uneasy suspicion that the card had been deliberately left in the library. Possibly by Pastella herself. He really didn’t want to find out what might happen to him if he was ‘nursed’ back to health by her.

If nothing else, Doctor Bones wasn’t too hot on the idea of removing the seal in his mind until he knew more about it. He was not after all, an idiot.

-…not very safe to say. She’s trouble. A lot of trouble. As for what I’ve remembered, just give me a moment, we may have a clearer direction.-

Latent Corpentsis had a system of distress sigils. If someone knew the correct method, they could send out a distress call across dimensions. The medical staff of Latent Corpentsis could then with another method, receive these signals.

-The foundation for my receiver is still present, I just need to awaken it-

Doctor Bones’ hands moved through various motions, but the main thing was constructing a magical crest atop his foundation. A crest in the form of a slumbering corpentsis atop a blue cross. He drew upon the magic of his horn. A strong medical power was needed. It was not a spell exclusive to a dimension that he was casting, but rather something that was more fundamentally tied to reality.

The first magic. Law.

He was marshalling the laws of the dimension to make his crest. Only in a dimension subsumed by Delusion or with ludicrously obscure laws would the spell fail.

The spell did not fail, and for a moment, the crest appeared in the glowing light within his hollow eyesockets.

He went utterly still. He was undead. So he could not shed tears.

“What’s wrong?” Miss Fern asked. She knew he wasn’t having another episode, as his eyes had not gone dim or even gone out completely.

There were many distress sigils resonating in Dr. Bones’ mind. Most of them however, were very, very old. He had suspected that it was quite likely, but to actually find it out was something else.

-Latent Corpentsis, whatever my relationship with it, may be no more-

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