Knorgoroth’s Master

“I am a mighty mushroom warrior of Goma! Hearing that a Scourgelord has settled in these lands, I have come to slay him! Make way!”

Knorgoroth, three headed beast of disaster and guardian of the gates of the Scourgelord Wraemmemon’s Dimensional Fortress of Doom, stared down with all its eyes at the tiny being before him. It could see the mushroom part, put where was the warrior.

A tiny mushroom, pale and creamy, with a heroic face set on its body below its cap. The face would have made the maidens of many beings swoon, and the sheer justice radiating from it would cause evildoers to faint in fright, except that after a moments shock, both maidens and evildoers would realise it was the face of a tiny mushroom. Arms and legs sprouted from this mushroom, sheathed in armour, but with how small the mushroom was, wouldn’t that only be of use against similarly sized beings?

Confusion filled the mind of Knorgoroth, but it was a little bit comforted when it saw that the mushroom did indeed have a weapon. A plain metal sword with a blade like a leaf. It was twice the size of the mushroom warrior of Goma. It would not have even served as a toothpick for Knorgoroth.

As a beast of disaster, the smallest size that Knorgoroth could shrink to was several small castles. A great mighty head with heavy jowls, with a stiff short neck, this head bearing mighty teeth and seven glaring red eyes that could shoot red flame! Even the tongue of this head was bladed, infact all his tongues were bladed! Flanking this grotesque hellhound’s head were two snaking necks like tentacles, upon which were two heads quite different in manner! It was honestly much prouder of these heads, and it wasn’t at all because of the resplendent manes of orange feathers these heads had, not at all.

One of these heads had a rotating beak, from which Knorgoroth could spew acid that could melt even spirits! The other head was serpentine, with fangs that could transmit a deadly plague that would turn creatures to ice! Indeed this head could spit massive shards of ice!

The fur of Knorgoroth was pitch black and no lesser blade or spell could pierce it, and woe betide any who attempted to use shadowy powers against it! Six legs did Knorgoroth have, each ending in mighty clawed hands. Wounds caused by its claws could not so easily be healed… It only had a single pair of wings, but these orange feathered winds could send withering winds with each beat and could even shoot out feathers like explosive missiles!

To Knorgoroth’s great dissatisfaction, it was born without a tail with which it could cause greater disaster.

So, knowing this mushroom, knowing the beast of disaster, it isn’t surprising that Knorgoroth did not feel like eating the mushroom. It may have been a beast of disaster raised by a scourgelord from a wee pup, but it still understood that eating random strange mushrooms could be very bad, no matter how small, so, laying its heads upon its paws it decided to go back to sleep.

The warrior of Goma waited politely for the beast to move from his path. Of course, such a thing as a beast of disaster moving for a mere tiny mushroom, who would believe it happening.

“I hold no hatred for you guardian beast, but I must still bare my blade!”

Knorgoroth did not even open a single one of its seven eyes, instead it was thinking of that time its master, Wraemmemon, had thrown a lich as a chewtoy for it. It had played with that unfortunate skeleton for eons.

The warrior of Goma grasped his blade tightly with both hand and thrust it up into the sky.


Bonewhite starlight spiraled down and sank into the blade which then shone like a star itself!

Half-asleep, Knorgoroth got a terrible feel and thus, rolled over.


A tsunami of swordstars sang from the sword, obscuring the sky itself. Knorgoroth felt its hair stand on end as this powerful blow swept past it. With a yelp it sprang up in a fright, but this yelp was drowned out by the sound of the Paledoom Wave crashing against Wraemmemon’s Dimensional Fortress of Doom! There was not even wails of despair from the evil beings within that fortress, instead it was instantly obliterated. Knorgoroth’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets all seven of them. Finally turning its gaze from the place where once there had been a thoroughly grim and uninviting fortress, it looked once more at the mushroom warrior of Goma.

There was a winning heroic smile upon his face.

“Haha! Good reflexes little doggy!” he shouted and raised his blade again.

Many people do not manage in a time of crisis to do the best thing they can do, Knorgoroth rolled over onto his back, exposing his belly in submission to the mushroom warrior of Goma.

“Oho? You wish to submit to me, the greatest warrior of Goma?”

The mushroom warrior did a mighty leap landing right on the belly of Knorgoroth, who deathly afraid of the tiny hero, was quite still.

“I’ve had need of a noble steed, I suppose you’ll do!”

With that said, the warrior gave a mighty and hearty belly rub to Knorgoroth, running back and forth.

“Who’s a good boy? Eh, are you a good boy, are you? Well, you will be now”

As Knorgoroth received belly rubs, it decided that everything was actually fine.

Author: SnowyMystic