Super Dimensional Coffin Part 48

This is a serial, first part HERE


I must again apologize for not having myself together. Sorry.

Chapter 47: The most spooky thing is inside one’s self

-What are we looking for in this place anyway Director?-

-Objects with trans-dimensional laws. The coffin can distil them to repair the shielding-

-Did anyone else understand what he said?-

-Not a word-

-I don’t speak spooky-

-Aren’t dimensions like measurements or whatever-

They continued through the lab as Doctor Bones explained the reality of dimensions to the rocks.

The lab itself was stark and utilitarian. There was a brutality to the rooms and corridors cut into the ice. Many of the rooms were little more than stark cells. Those that weren’t? It was hard to believe they weren’t torture chambers. Some had ceilings filled with dangling blades, hooks, injectors and other things that clearly had no reasonable medical application.

Curiously unlike the other two labs that Doctor Bones had seen, this was quite well preserved. Nothing was broken or smashed. Whatever was damaged was so due to age. Though it had to be said, that ‘dead’ was how one would sum up what they saw.

There was not a scrap of magical power left in anything, let alone laws that could pass through multiple dimensions. Doctor Bones touched a wicked looking serrated saw. It collapsed into ash.

“The colour has gone from this place”

In general whatever dimension you are in, an absence of colour isn’t the best of signs.

-Did anyone hear that?- a rock said.

-Hear what?-


-Don’t be silly there’s nothin…-

A sorrowful chorus of wails came from depths of the lab.

-If Latent Corpentsis turned from a doomed path, why is there still something here?- Doctor Bones muttered.

“We’re going right towards the spooky wailing aren’t we” Miss Fern said nervously.

-That’s a terrible idea!-

-Spooky wailing is bad news-

There was rattling against bars. It echoed out past Doctor Bones and his misfit assistants.

Step by step, with rocks rolling alongside, they came closer to the source of the wailing.

A spooky light cast from a spooky door, from which spooky rattling and wailing came, spookily.

-Something horrible is going to come out as soon as we open that door, mark my words!-

-We could always go somewhere else and look for trans-measurements elsewhere-

-This is so spooky I’m going to grow a spine just to have shivers run down it-

Miss Fern looked at Doctor Bones.

“I really was getting a bit scared, but with the rocks acting like that, I’m somehow not worried. Uh, you first though Doctor”

Currently what Doctor Bones feared most was the mysteries of his memories so he gamely opened the door. As it turned out, nothing horrible leapt out. Miss Fern looked a bit confused at looking inside the room. The rocks on the other hand, being natives to Elcon, just totally relaxed. They weren’t even shaking in fear anymore.

-I was worried for a while there, but its just a bunch of ghosties- a rock scoffed.