The Little Fire That Could; Prologue: The FireLord

The Firelord terrorized the lands south of the chocolate river in Elcon. To be more exact, he burned down homes, roasted adventurers, toasted innocent denizens and generally was all round terrible for the continued health and happiness of the Denizens of Elcon.

Everyone feared his minions the Cinders, denizens who had been touched by his flame, forever more blackened. More than the Cinders, there was talk that the Firelord had at his beck and call an unspeakable abomination, some even said that the Firelord was at the beck and call of an unspeakable abomination. Others noticed that for being unspeakable, lots of people were speaking about it.

Worst of all, was that he was one of the firefolk, living flames that lived in burnable material. Normally the firefolk are a friendly lot, though not the kind you’d want to hug. Apart from being generally good-natured there was the fact that since they were living flames they gave off heat. In the cold snowy land of Elcon, though many denizens could live quite comfortably in the cold, heat was a valuable thing.

How was it that the Firelord came to such villainy? The Story goes that before, he was just another firefolk, but his flames were particularly strong and bright. Stronger and brighter than any other fire.

He was proud of these flame. Quite probably too proud considering what happened. No one is quite sure how it begun. He began to fear that one day a flame brighter and stronger than his own would appear, he despised this idea.

The story goes that he descended into a deep dark cave one day to better admire his own light, in some versions, it is here that he meets the spoken about unspeakable abomination. Whatever the case, when he surfaced, he was determined that there should be no flame but his.

So, Calling himself the Firelord, he snuffed out his own kind where ever he could find them. Not only this, but he would steal the non-living flames he and his minions would come across as his kind were born from fire. For being called the Firelord, he left few fires in his wake, only cold. There was little mystery to this villain. He brought an age of deep cold to Elcon, and many shivering denizens in the south cursed his name.

It was a bad time to be one of the firefolk, a mage of the fiery sort, or just any way connected to flame really. There is many stories of people in this time, near the beginning of the age of legends a number of them are even true.

A popular one among certain small denizens is the particular story about a brave little flame.

[A smaller thing this time, but part of a slightly longer tale, there is a possiblity of two updates next week]

Author: SnowyMystic