A Lighter Tale Part One

Prologue: Little Village Under the Snowman.

In the cold strange land of Elcon, there is a Giant Snowman.

Really, really giant, seriously, he towers over the Dragon Mountains near him. Oh yes, the massive snowman is alive. The giant snowman is a being of great mystery to most of the denizens. Many have wondered what the giant thinks about, but none have gotten close enough to make their voice heard by the giant.

Many more are interested in the nose and arms of the snowman, a colossal carrot and tremendous trees. Where did they come from? What does the carrot taste like? So on and so forth. For numerous denizens, the Giant Snowman is simply home. Countless caves are within the snow of his body, and many towns, villages and other things reside inside. Under the ground he rests on is also home to many creatures.

Beneath the Giant Snowman is a village, well many villages, but this one in particular was a conepeople village. Course, there is lots of villages of the small cones with eyes, feet and a mouth.

Given their telekinetic powers, they make for surprisingly good builders, one of the advantages of moving things with your mind.

This particular conepeople village was home to a green coneperson by the name of Lofan.

Lofan was an oddity among his people. His strangeness was this, he was brave. Given that the conepeople are about the smallest race of Elcon, it isn’t surprising that they are frequently given to fear.

Lofan however had even subdued and pressed a huge furmine (a kind of nightmarish combination of rat and cockroach) into service as his village’s guardian.

In this village there was also a scholarly conegirl, named Petil, who was learning magic. She had been assisted by a living flame, one of the firefolk, some time ago. This firefolk had burnt himself up to protect her, now she had found out how to revive his last embers, which she kept on a candle.

There was a legendary artefact, known only as “The Kindling”. Petil had, by aid of the last embers of the firefolk, located where it was. She herself was a regular coneperson, and thus far too scared to make the journey into the mountain of no great importance in the Dragon Mountains.

So, Petil came to the only one she knew who might be willing to make the perilous journey for her.

Thus did Lofan set out to find The Kindling…

Author: SnowyMystic