Stir Around Dead Part 1

“You think I would not dare? You’ve pushed me this far and you still think I’ll just sit by and do nothing?”

“Were did you plant them, the seeds of this, such that the result was this?”

“Come, curse my name for eternity! I won’t let it end like this!”

“You got what you wanted didn’t you?”

“I suppose I did at that”


“I-it’s falling, Gods preserve us.”

“Galshea will not awaken”

The cries continued on and on, turning back on themselves playing out again and again. They could not escape.

Consumed by the loop.

* * * * *

“Hmm, so I suppose you sorry lot are my students eh? Rich pampered children the lot of you, I’m sure about two thirds of you sorry excuses will die in the next few years. Still, in a futile effort to avoid such a fate, I’ll tell you about grand loop magic.

Grand loop magic refers to a kind of magic that locks a start point then an end point. When the end point is reached, everything is returned to the state of the start point, this continues until the spell is broken by some means or another.

Let me be very clear here…

Clean out your ears the lot of you and you three in the back, stop looking at that bogus potion book and pay attention!

Loop magic is not time magic. Time is not being turned back, what is happening is destruction and reconstruction, warping, reversion. The spirits of those trapped in a loop do not truly die, but are caught in the loop. Only when the loop is broken can anyone truly die!

Now, as even you dullards can imagine, this takes a lot of power and effort to get started and as a rule the larger the gap between the start point and end point, the more that this magic takes! Not only this, but the larger the area, the more moving beings the more it takes.

It usually sustains itself well enough once started, but the level of distortion that it causes in the flows of magic are ludicrous.

Another problem is whether the loop is isolated from time or not, naturally severing it from the flow of time such that the loops take up mere minutes in the unlooped world is something that can only be done with the full support of the flows at your back, everything must naturally flow towards it happening.

This is the most common difference between ‘natural’ loops and magifactured loops, most natural loops are severed from time, for those inside they can go through countless repetitions in mere moments. Strictly speaking severing from time is a separate magical occurrence.

Now, at this point you might be thinking how great it would be to use this magic to get whatever results you want, well forget it. It is one thing to loop something in the first place it is another to have any degree of control over it at all.

Even worse is that usually there is a strong flow influencing all those trapped to repeat their actions, this coupled with the fact that people will usually…”

Listening in on lectures can sometimes be quite helpful, and in the case of magic, in the world of Kigan the more you know, the safer you will probably be.

Possessing knowledge however, can make people complacent and a dire warning can seem like an opportunity.

People don’t know to leave well enough alone half the time.

This following tale then, is about three people that didn’t leave well enough alone, much to their misfortune.

Author: SnowyMystic