Dark Wizard, Cursed : Part One

Prologue: Leshac of the Many Faces


In a world, named Kigan, covered by the leaves of a great Anchor Tree and illuminated by two suns and two moons, and on the cold snowy continent by the name of Nortrieln there lived many strange and wondrous beings. Leshac of the Many Faces was among the denizens of this place. Leshac however was no mere mortal, like the races of Kigan. He was no elf, no hulf or dwarf. Leshac was a Dlutholl, a changeling, were-person, a shapeshifter a being not solely of flesh, but of magic!

As a changeling, Leshac could take the form of any being that lived in Kigan, and even a few that did not live. Such power is not without it’s own barbs. Though Leshac could take any form, there was not one form that was his own. To be a pure shapeshifter was, in a way to never have a form.

Leshac had many faces, but not one was his.

But this did not bother him, just as it is in the nature of a being with a face to love that face, a being born without face doesn’t long for a face. For a faceless being, longing for a face would be strange.

This was Leshac, being of magic and one of many faces. One day however, Leshac defied a Dark Wizard and for Leshac’s troubles, the nasty magus cursed Leshac. Leshac was stripped of his power and could only partially shift in form, and even then, he had to eat what he wanted to change to.

Not only this, but such was the fury of the Dark Wizard that Leshac’s beloved home was also cursed. So our story opens, having escaped from the clutches of the Dark Wizard, Leshac rushed to see what manner of curse had befallen his home.

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Author: SnowyMystic