Super Dimensional Coffin Part 20

This is a serial, the first part is HERE

Chapter 19: Bony Issues and Random Choice

A while later the maiden-headed fern had stopped screaming and had calmed down.

Ah, sorry doctor, thank you for taking me from that place and curing me” She said, head bowed.

-Oh, it was no problem, uh, how should I call you?-

Miss Fern, should do nicely.” Miss fern said after a little thought.

-Well Miss Fern, Now with your newfound freedom, what would you like to do, I can just drop you back in the dimension I found you if you want-

Miss Fern went quiet.

-Perhaps a bit much to consider presently. You haven’t been this aware for long- Dr. Bones answered for her, closing the wardrobe and pacing about the room.

No, well it isn’t too bad with all the knowledge you gave me, I’d like to find that man, but he was probably one of the victims of that curse. Would it be fine if I accompanied you on your business Dr. Bones?” Miss Fern asked.

-Why of course Miss Fern, I’d be delighted…- Dr. Bones trailed off, thinking about what his business was.

Who was he really? A Doctor arisen from the dead? A death doctor risen from the dead? There was even the possibility, that rather than the one who controlled a shadowy dimensional medical organization or the one who attacks the organization…

What if he was just a product?

An experiment, with a head stuffed full of knowledge, just like he gave knowledge to Miss Fern, but worse.

Doctor? Doctor?” Miss Fern called out.

Dr. Bones almost stumbled and fell.

Ah, good I have your attention, I’m not ungrateful, but Doctor, isn’t this body a bit… inelegant?”

The delicate head of a plant woman, the bulky bones that one might have mistaken for the skeleton of a particularly ugly example of bovine-kind. It must be noted, that many women would scarcely be satisfied with any kind of cow skeleton, let alone a heavy set one.

On the other side of things, most men would agree that if you can’t burst through walls with the shoulderbone of your skeleton prosthetic body, what is the point?

Given that Dr. Bones wasn’t too dense, he realised the problem. Sadly he was dense enough to not have considered the issue beforehand.

-Ah, I see what you mean. The body warps the mind and the mind warps the body, hold on a moment-

With a dramatic fling, Dr. Bones opened the wardrobe again, and he was not long searching inside it. What he pulled out however…

Miss Fern backed away a bit.

Hoisted above Dr. Bones’ head was an unholy combination of pliers and a drill. All in some jade-like material. The drill span with a tiger-like roar.

-Now just hold still, this won’t take long!-

Ohh… wai…!”

Screams resounded throughout the coffin once more…

Sometime later, both Dr. Bones and Ms. Fern were in the control room of the coffin. Dr. Bones seated upon his throne, this time without coffee that he couldn’t drink that would tempt fate.

Ms. Fern’s prosthetic body was much changed. It was more like the skeleton of some waifish deer-creature. She was pouting a bit, but in reality was quite pleased to have a more elegant form. She would peek up at her reflection on the main mirror whenever she thought Dr. Bones wasn’t looking.

Where are we heading now Doctor?” she asked.

-I’m not quite sure to be honest-

It was a bit of a problem. Dr. Bones had gained some information, but he wasn’t really any closer to knowing why he awoke when he did. He still had a niggling feeling that quite apart from wandering about trying to uncover memories of life (even if they might be fake), there was something he had to do.

You don’t know where you want to go?” Ms. Fern questioned.

Dr. Bones’ jaw clacked, a skeleton’s honest laugh.

<Coordinates received, plotting course, applying dimensional shielding. Commencing sub-tunnelling. Please avoid doing dimensional experiments while in transfer>

-I don’t, but it isn’t a problem, I just set up the coffin to randomly go to one of the co-ordinates with a lab. While going to a multidimensional hub might prove fruitful-

<Forming ethereal platform, proceeding from platform in five>

-I decided that going somewhere highly populated with dimensional travellers may not be the best of ideas, after all, this medical organization with the sigil of a sleeping unicorn, its far too mysterious. I think something dreadful could happen if we just started asking questions-


Randomly going to co-ordinates you know nothing about is safe doctor?”


-It’ll be fine. Probably.-


What do you mean probably Doctor?” Ms. Fern asked with an unfriendly smile.


Author: SnowyMystic