Super Dimensional Coffin Part 55

Chapter 54: Cacophonous Chorus

-Do all spooky people like dramatics like that?-

-It’s just an abnormally big briar patch is all-

“I’m dramatic?” Miss Fern asked the rocks with far too much enthusiasm.

The rocks tumbled in their haste to get away from her excited sparkling eyes.

-Y-you’re only half spooky!-

-The rest is plant, which is scary-

-The roots of plants shatter rock-

-Some even eat rock-

-She’s got a face too!-

-Faces are pretty dodgy-

-Can’t really big rocks have faces?-

-Lies! Mere myth!-

From the faint noises, Quplikhe was very glad that it was a single unified being, its’ corpses shuddered at the thought of that cacophonous chorus. Sure, it was the deathspawn of several failed dead, but at least it wasn’t that. Doctor Bones massaged his skull, how strange, even though he had no skin, he could feel the phantom folds of a frown.

Quplikhe gave an ahem that was thoroughly disturbing because it came from all corpse mouths at once.

-As you can see, it is likely what you seek, If it is not too much of a presumption, may We watch you ply your arts?- it asked.

A laugh almost escaped from Doctor Bones’ fleshless jaws. It wasn’t as if he really had the power to prevent observation.

Author: SnowyMystic