Super Dimensional Coffin Part 7

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This is a serial, the first part is HERE

Chapter 6: The wishes of the helpless don’t count for much

It was not a spirit that Dr. Bones was familiar with, but then in many dimensions, spirits are so variable that understanding the… design of spirits is more important than trying to remember a incomplete spiritography. Whatever one is talking about, be it spirits, plants or beast, there are commonalities.

Indeed, some argue that the fact that you can go to many dimensions and encounter cats (though two footed cone beings are more common) points to there being a common creator of all dimensions.

A being who created his own dimension might then complain “Well I made my own dimension!” to which one might complain right back “Why didn’t you make something other than cats then?” and “Where did you come from?”

Anything can be argued, but putting aside that for reality, let us return to the spirit.

It had a head like a lion’s. Not that lions have spinning icicles for a mane though. The skin of the spirit was blue. The body of the lion was more like a goat’s than anything else, but it had spikes of ice growing out from it, and its hooves were also ice.

Technically spirit ice, rather than more… innately physical ice.

Dr. Bones relaxed a bit, it wasn’t a particularly powerful spirit, and it was quite obviously connected to cold concepts. Common as snow. He could also see that it had more awareness than a beast in its eyes. Those eyes and its face as a whole were quite forlorn. It was probably the way it was painfully coughing up rose petals that had something to do with that. It hadn’t yet noticed Dr. Bones. He paused for a moment, sensing the flows of magic, and trying to recall if he knew any of the languages of the world he was in.

-Hmm, I’ve a smattering of a few, and there’s a incomplete worldspell if I recall correctly, best not to rely on that-

-Greeting to you, gentle spirit!- he called out.

The spirit tensed, but he had not the strength to flee. It laid an uneasy gaze upon Dr. Bones.

Oncedead? Hail to you stranger. I’m afraid you’ve the better of me, I can only hope you hold no wicked intentions, but if you do, I think I should have enough strength in me to explode myself. I’m not devoid of pride”

-I’ve no hunger for spirits- Dr.Bones shook his head.

There’s worse than being eaten, magi and alchemists mucking about with their experiments for one” the spirit replied.

-I’m no mage, I’m a doctor, I can even heal spirits.-

The spirit stared at Dr.Bones incredulously until a whole rose rising from its throat put a stop to it. Dr.Bones was glad at that moment that he had not introduced himself as Doctor Bones, such an introduction might have resulted in the poor spirit’s eyes popping right out of their place.

Gahh, stranger things I’ve seen, but still strange. You have me, I am quite desperate. What payment do you want for your services?” it asked.

-I’m searching for a place hidden near here, so a little aid with that is more than enough payment, in truth, you seem an inoffensive sort. I’d have cured you regardless- Dr. Bones said, spreading his arms out.

Even had I not wanted your cure?”

Dr. Bones turned his back to the spirit.

-If you don’t want cured, I can just leave-

The spirit coughed up more petals.

Fie upon these games, I implore you work your art.”

Dr. Bones simply nodded and climbed up the trees, and in short order he was by the side of the spirit, ready to see what exactly was ailing it.

Author: SnowyMystic