Super Dimensional Coffin Part 8

Chapter 7: Interlude; Memory Treatment

As Dr. Bones began his diagnosis, a memory from life abruptly surfaced.

Not all plant type diseases are in fact plants themselves. A line must be drawn between those that have the appearance, those that have the aspect and those that are more like a plant in the form of a disease. Are you getting this Bones. Bones? Pay attention!”

Sorry Teach, but we both know I don’t want to be a doctor, I don’t want to learn all this stuff”

I’d rather not teach you all of this either, but if you want to talk about things we both know, neither of us are getting out of here alive unless I make a doctor out of you. Now, perhaps you are content to rot away here, but I’m not, so I will make you a doctor, whatever you feel about the matter doesn’t come into it! Now learn or I’ll save us both the trouble and kill you now!”

The cold prick of metal against his flesh.

Ow, ok, ok!”

The memory faded…

Author: SnowyMystic