Super Dimensional Coffin Part 15

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Something within Dr. Bones had screamed at that greeting it had given. It had never been his home. That being had never before greeted him. Though there was a trace of the familiar, he had never seen that plant being before.

It was not just missing memories.

Not once before had he seen her.

Such a being had not grown on the battery. The battery was not combined with plantlife. Not with such a spirit of solitude. He did not know this being. Yet still, Dr. Bones replied as he did.

-Yes, I’m back- he said

It was not truth, but the plantoid was peaceful for the moment, and Dr. Bones still wanted to determine how such a thing had come to be. Was such a being the fruits of the lab’s labours? He had an inkling of what manner of research was being done.

She had a single horn.

You won’t leave will you? No, you won’t, you’ll never leave again

Dr. Bones did not resist when the brambles came out of the darkness and attempted to wrap around him. Yet, they found they could not grip to the shielding created by his horn. So they formed a cage.

-What happened to all the others?- Dr. Bones asked.

They left, all of them left

Slowly the brambles were covering all the remains, denying the dolls now that a living one had come.


It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me!” she panicked, starting to cough.

She coughed petals, she coughed up roses.

-I see, you’re sick too, that explains why you’re so rampant, so out of control. Why even though you do not want to be alone, your nature will destroy all that draw near- Dr. Bones muttered to himself.

Everything will be fine now that you’re here!” she exclaimed gladly, but that fear was still in her eyes.

He would leave, wouldn’t he? She was going to be abandoned. She would not let that happen.

He had to stay. Stay, Stay, you stay. Stay!

-Everything will be fine, perhaps not in the way you imagine, but everything will be fine- Dr. Bones said.

He began to walk towards her, and the bramble cage could not stand up the the medical magic of his shield. It could not keep him in place.

You’re trying to leave! Aren’t you! WHY WHY WHY!? HATEFUL HATEFUL HATE HATE HATE!” she became hysterical, and finally doubled over, coughing up curse laden flowers.

-You who are stricken with illness…-

What are you…

There are many forms of medical treatments, some are quite odd to the dwellers of limited dimensions

-…I who am endowed with knowledge of ills…-


Some actually have more to do with destruction than anything else.

-…You the patient, I the healer…-

I’m fine! There’s nothing wrong! NOTHING

There’s even some that manifest the affliction outside of the patient, bringing a walking wound into the world.

-…beyond your will, beyond your powers, beyond that which ails you…-

You’re trying to leave, that’s what this is! Some kind of trick!

Most treatments can be done regardless of the will of the patient, funny that.

-…Curse upon me, no harm but harm to cure…-


Some involve taking the ill upon one’s self, without quite particular gifts or abilities, those who use such methods tend not to last long. Even those who can bear the weight all reach a breaking point. Plaguefiends are born that way.

-…I within you…-


Clearly some methods are more risky than others.

-…So reduced, so bound, so empowered…-

I’ll bind you myself!

Yet, for some, the method brings with it particular chances for power. Even without such methods, there are those that heal for the power over the sick. The healed tend not to care too much about the sickness of the healer.

-…till death or cure, never shall I part from within…-

You’ll leave like everyone else!

Some particular traditional methods though?



Dr. Bones had put hand to the being’s crystal part, what was once the battery of the lab.

He vanished.

Some methods involve going inside the patient, and treating them from within!

Author: SnowyMystic