The Little Fire That Did

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The Start of this Story

Well, while some things may have been willing to try dealing with the little fire to get at a coneperson, there was few that wanted to tangle with both a firefolk and a rock of Boulder the Brash’s proportions.

Not that they didn’t have a few confused predatory creatures that quickly scuttled off when they realised just what they were dealing with, or not dealing with as the case may be. Following this, the odd trio had a most uneventful journey. It could have even been called boring.

Petil and the Little Fire bid Boulder the Brash fairwell as they approached Petil’s home village, Ob.

The tunnels were too small for Boulder the Brash to fit through so they had thanked him as he returned to his home.

It seemed like mere moments that Boulder the Brash had been gone when a horde of flame blackened Gnargs leapt out of all kinds of cracks and holes. The Firelord’s Cinders! They had been waiting to ambush the Little Fire.

A particularly mean and big looking gnarg gave a coughing laugh and spoke.

“By decree of the Firelord, all other flames and those that give them shelter are to be snuffed out. There is to be no flame but his. Praise the Firelord!”

The little fire grew fierce. He had promised to protect Petil on her way home, but now it seemed that his presence would spell her doom, that is unless he fought. Petil had by this point being a coneperson of delicate nature, fainted. Not only was there this promise, but the little fire was sure that the gnargs would not leave petil’s home alone either.

The gnargs advanced, but the little fire blazed so brightly they had to close their eyes.

Still they came.

The little fire swung his log like a hammer battering gnargs this way and that.

Still they came.

The little fire licked the gnargs with fierce flames, but the gnargs had felt a stronger flame.

Still they came.

Being gnargs, there was just too many of them, and apart from anything else, gnargs could be surprisingly hardy. So it came to pass that the Little Fire made a decision. He would keep his promise.

He moved on top of his log, and carefully covered Petil in the crack. Then, he grew.

He got bigger and bigger, greedily consuming the log to make more flame. The gnargs began to panic as he became a fire more splendid and strong than the Firelord.

Still he grew.

Then he exploded. He hadn’t been certain it would work, but he felt himself expand all through the tunnels, and reduce the gnargs to ashes. Then, his world grew dark, he felt very little, and for a while he thought he could see himself all about the tunnel in little flames. Then he couldn’t see anything at all.

* * * * *

When petil woke, it was to the smell of burning and ashes. She quickly looked around, but there was no sign of a single gnarg. Then she cried, because all that was left of the little flame was a few scattered embers.

Then she dried her tears, and very determined, she gathered up all the embers onto a bit of the log that was left.

She took this home, and lit a little candle with it, sniffling a bit. Then, she opened the book she had been carrying with her and began to read.

One the cover of the book was written;

A Beginner Enchanter’s Guide


Happy Endings*

*And over 300+ spells!

After a while, Petil began to smile.


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