Mistakes were made

Well, thanks to the intervention of others, I have realised that I made a few mistakes, but the primary of which is that I should have split the current Carrot and the Stick story into three parts, and how I should have ended the first part with the adventurers being shot out of the cannon in the Great Snowy Forest, what with it being a natural climax.

So, in the interests of doing justice to the story, I’ll stop it now. I’ll start the story again when we cycle around to Elcon, starting from their landing after being fired from the cannon. I’ll delete the updates, but I’ll put a disclaimer linking to this notice at the end of the first part.

In other news, I’ll be updating Monday to Friday from now on, mainly because I have the free time to do so, and to not do so is simple laziness.

The current plan is to do some one-update stories and then we’ll launch into a Sunder tale.

I ask for your patience while I continue to learn from my mistakes.

Author: SnowyMystic