The Carrot and the Stick Part 28 Wolf, Wizard, Fire, Golem released!

Chapter 27: Due to Bread, the Plot Reared its Head

Anyone who had passed through the Great Snowy Forest at least once would know of Bread. The forest has many beings who are bound to protect it. Unfortunately, needing to protect the forest doesn’t stop Bread from tormenting its inhabitants.

Bread was by no means an evil creature, but doing things like replacing someone’s pants with beetles or replacing a village’s homes with a highly elaborate maze could hardly be said to be acts of good. Though, in the maze’s case, it was a lot safer than their village had been previously.

From the crowd of goadskulls, one aged elder came forth. This goadskull was bundled in furs, and his back was quite crooked. His head was a mess of scars and he had only one eye remaining to him. This eye was violet and black, as were his furs.

While not the most flashy or strongest looking of goadskulls, this was the not only the chief of the Mossmallow Henge Clan, but the founder of it!

He bowed low before Bread.

O merciful and kind forest guardian, what do you want with our small and worthless clan?” He grovelled.

For a moment, Bread’s wooden mask looked displeased, but that expression was replaced by a mocking one before anyone saw it. He began to laugh!

Zuild, Can I not enjoy a good feast?! Just continue as you were, think of me as just one more guest!” he said.

Bread unceremoniously dropped Eadam onto the remains of the pudding he had devoured, then he tossed some poor goadskull out of his seat. As the goadskull sailed through the air, a plant burst from the ground, catching the goadskull, the plant had grown into the form of some kind of high chair.

Zuild, the clan chief would have loved it if he had been able to treat Bread like another guest. If Bread was treated like another guest, then for the actions he was taking, he would be thrown out! Zuild and his clan were not powerful enough to do such a thing, so instead he let out a heavy sigh.

Continue with the feast!” He shouted.

The feast continued, though strained. Eadam recovered somewhat, but his companions were still stuck doing circus acts. Bread watched this with no small amount of amusement, but for some reason, he focused on Gheel the most.

The cannon is being prepared for another go” A goadskull told Eadam.

Eadam wept.

Several goadskulls turned back to their food, but just as they went to put some food in their mouths…


The food had been replaced with bark. Apart from one Goadskull who happily continued to chew the bark, the rest looked at their food sadly. After that happened, no other goadskull took the chance to eat.

Bread was quite upset. It turned out that this clan had a low tolerance for his tricks. It was clear that he wouldn’t get the kind of reactions he wanted. He regretted not secretly joining the feast. His eyes moved over to Gheel again.

Well, I can tell when my noble self isn’t wanted! Rejoice you joykills! If you capture that… uh whatever that thing is for me, then I’ll leave you and your feast alone”

He was pointing straight at Gheel. The feast froze yet again. The goadskulls were reluctant to move, but those that were not of the Company of the Six began to move.

At this point, Ulex was quite fed up. He had been playing clown for quite a while. So, as soon as he heard that Bread wanted one of his companions captured, he acted decisively.

Everyone! We’re leaving now!”

After shouting that he grabbed a fork and flung it at the stuffed stuffing stuffed, which was hovering above the table uncarved, since nobody was quite sure how to carve it. The fork fell into it with a gloop noise.

Waufronk acted next, shedding the stupid little bells on his wings and taking out his fishrod he popped all the balloons with scimitars, causing a rain of blades! Gheel collected his tired chompers and a significantly large amount amount of food from the feast.

Spongy Snaps, reading the mood, tossed the beasts he had been juggling at the goadskulls that were approaching Gheel. As Eadam leapt from the table, the stuffed stuffing stuffed exploded. It was not merely an explosion. As bits of it went flying, as a shockwave was produced, sending table, feasters and food alike into flight, something formed at the origin of the explosion.

A portal, and spilling forth from this portal were what could only be described as…

Pasta soldiers. Twists of pasta, each bearing forks of bone!

The goadskulls and these pasta soldiers clashing in conflict!

The adventurers began to run, but there were still loads of goadskulls free.

Eadam hated himself for suggesting it, but it was their best option for escape!

We can escape the forest using the cannon!” he cried over the din of chaos.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the adventurers moved to where the fuse of the great cannon was, however, before that fuse, there was a goadskull barring their way.

The Mossmallow Henge Clan had three hunting groups. The Company of the Six, the Yellow Horned Company and… a lone goadskull.

This goadskull wore a red scarf of scales and a kilt of scales. In his hand was a lance of shining steel-like metal. The greater part of his eyes were of that steely hue, and his red pupils stared right at the adventurers. He was quite plain really, but his bearing gave out a sense of weight. He had the atmosphere of one who had performed many heroic deeds.

Sorry about everyone getting worked up about you being circus performers. I know you aren’t. I don’t think you are wicked people, but… Bread protects this forest. Even if he does mess with all of us. So, I’ll be stopping you here!”

The hero of the Mossmallow Henge Clan levelled his lance at the adventurers.

Unfortunately for him, before any hot-blooded battle could begin, a chahat suddenly appeared on his head, scratching his face. The hero was sent toppling over, thus displaying that teleportation is really one of the more useful powers a being can have.

Chacha came!” Spongy cried.

Well, I’m surprised, but we can’t hang around! I don’t think that Chacha will hold him off for long!” Waufronk

Sorry about this!” Ulex said, hopping over the hero who was rolling around on the ground, trying to get the chahat away from his face.

In front of the fuse, noticing the short length on it, Gheel took out a some flammable rope and extended it, then he took out chomper with curling handle-like horns, and teeth that curiously didn’t look that good for chomping. This chomper was covered with orange scales.

Holding the horns, he pulled the tail of the creature with his mouth, and a stream of fire shot out from the chomper’s mouth. Tossing the chomper back into his mouth, they ran up the stairs of the cannon and slid right inside.

Moments later, just as the hero had captured Chacha, the cannon fired, sending a bundle of screaming adventurers beyond the canopy of the Great Snowy Forest.

Bread watched silently, and shrugged. It wasn’t his problem now, that and he had a dimensional tear to deal with.

The adventurers of course, since they were flying through the sky, didn’t have time to consider why Bread had wanted to capture Gheel.

If they had, they may not have fled.

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