Caravamel Part 16

Chapter 15: In which Fancy Chill is bored

While the frulids were being led towards the forgehome of the tailless slugs, they were still unknowingly being chased by the pair of snowy knights with the dark feather plumes.

They tramped through the mine tunnel, though Fancy Chill would really have preferred it had they ran after the frulids, or at least that was what she was telling herself.

Truthfully she had been intently watching the frulids as they encountered the juice from the food dimension and then the tailless slug in the machine. She was in particular amused that Kejo’s ‘jokes’ failed not once, but twice.

She had gotten quite comfortable and relaxed resting on her pet blizzard. She was looking at a looking glass of ice, within which an image of her snow knights could be seen. She was quite unimpressed with them and their performance.

A sigh loosed from her neck-mouth-thing and she was about to switch back to watching the frulids and their unfortunate misadventures, when the juice came gushing towards the snow knights.

Now perhaps there could have been a large and epic fight between the juice and the knights, with a lot of dodging and movement in general.

As it was, the juice crashed right into one of the knights, mixing with the snow and forming a depressing slushy mess. Fancy Chill was beginning to wonder why she had even bothered to make the useless things. She was beginning to wonder if they would have even been able to kill the frulids had they reached them before two of their number had fallen. She suspected that they would have tripped over each other and comically ended up defeating each other.

Just as she was despairing, she realised she could still sense her control over the knight that was now a slush pile. There was a little bit of resistance, but she imposed her will and the slushpile formed into a kind of semi-fluid knight.

A slush knight.

Somehow, Fancy Chill couldn’t summon up any enthusiasm for this unexpected event. She simply commanded the knights onward and switched back to the frulids, yawning.

Author: SnowyMystic