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2014 · October · 08 · Fabled Hearts

8th October 2014

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Chapter 17 Part One: Fruit, Bear and Lizard Confection!

Three people barred their way. Standing in front of a makeshift campsite in front of the tunnel entrance.

One was a white bear wearing a red quilted tophat, tan shorts with black braces over his shoulders. A familiar blazing blue eye looked quite unhappy on spotting Lofan. A bronze medal held on with a red strap covered the other eye. Wrute Pushpaw, Lofan wasn’t sure why he was before them, but he guessed it wasn’t to talk.

“Well, this stinks, but a job is a job, sorry kid” Wrute said to Lofan.

The second was a large sultry raspberry, wrapped up in at least more than two fur coats, and definitely made from more than five different animals. She also wore thick fur boots and gloves. Black and brown coins were fluttering along her gloved fingers. Krells, the currency of low value of elcon. Her eyes peeked out from the coats, she seemed quite irritated. Given that she was a fruit with a mouth, eyes and limbs it was clear that she was an intelligent fruit.

Such Fruits aren’t native to Elcon, though Elcon has quite a number of similarly animate vegetables.

“You know one of these ones? Are these the ones we’ve to deal with? I’m sick of waiting out here” She complained.

The final one appeared to be a pair of floating gloved hands and what looked like a lizard mask.

It was however not that, but an invizard. An invizard’s body apart from their face and hands are completely invisible, even to the invizard. As far as anyone can tell, and according to the invizards that have been willing to be touched and prodded, they are a kind of lizardy person.

One of the things that invizards are most known for is getting their feet stepped on, sometimes by themselves. Unsurprisingly many invizards wear extremely thick boots. Boots that are completely invisible. Anything that an invizard wears (not on the face or hands) also becomes invisible.

This natural ability makes invizards well suited to sneaky work or a life as a fighter of some sort.

“These are the ones, these are the ones Juicy Js! My magic tells me they have a powerful artefact on them!” the invizard

“Thanks Laite!” Juicy Js purred, then she stepped towards Lofan’s party.

“I’m not sorry about this at all dears, girl’s gotta pay her debts after all”

She flicked one of the coins high up into the air, so high that it went out of view.

Lofan and his party had watched it’s flight.

“Ha! Whatever was that supposed to do dudette?” Hammer mocked.

Juicy Js just shrugged.

Lofan thought about it for a few moments.

“dookie, throw up a bubble please” Lofan said.

Dookie did so, then a rapidly growing shadow descended on them, this was followed by a rapidly descending giant krell. It bounced right off the bubble and back towards Wrute, Juicy Js and Laite!

[Sorry for the smaller update, I’ve been having a bit of a rough time of it, I could have pushed on and completed it, but the fight would have suffered for it, so there shall be a bonus update tomorrow, the fight in all its glory, possibly a bonus bit of lore or something to go with it too]

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