Little Fire P5: Rocks Rather than Rocks

In elcon, you have rocks and then you have rocks. Rocks are of course, rocks, totally immobile, they do not speak, they do not cry or feel pain. Rocks on the other hand, can think and speak and somehow move. No denizen has seen a rock cry, and though they seem not to like having bits chipped off them.

The living rocks of elcon are generally known for forming fierce gangs, where what matters most is who is the hardest of them all. Only a few of them are flexible folk, the rest being brittle. The other thing they are known for is reacting badly to being tripped over. Sadly they seem not to think much of arguments that they look no different from normal rocks.

Now, rocks, like the firefolk, and other similarly elemental elconic denizens are of course very hard to put an end to. As everyone knows, you cut a rock in two and you get two rocks, or in the case of rocks two very angry rocks.

Rocks can sometimes be told apart from rocks by mossy hair or craggy facial features, but such things are rare enough among rocks. Speaking of rarity, though they are rarely seen rocks that have become metals, gems or crystals are sometimes seen. More common are rocks that have a bit of metal or gem in them.

So, when the little fire’s consciousness returned to him he was surrounded by rocks rather than rocks. All of them rumbling their grumbling. It seemed they were discussing what to do with the interlopers in their turf.

I reck’n we shad jus’ crush’em lik everythang else” A flinty voiced rock spoke, the little fire decided to think of that one as edge, due to its jaggy appearance.

A large number of rocks rumbled in agreement. Rolling closer to the log the the little fire was in.

A rattling voice spoke out as they moved.

Uhh, wait, thus a firefolk rioght? Can we even crush fire?, I eard fire cun melt rocks”

A few of the rocks clattered nervously at the thought of melting, it was one of the few ways they could die. The rocks shifted uncomfortably not one wanting to move forwards.

Then there was a laugh like an avalanche.

A deep rough voice spoke. We jus hav to’ll jump on it, then it’ll go out. Easy as rolling duwn a hill.”

The rocks rumbled their assent and drew even closer, then there was the sound of a rock hitting hard off another. The little fire heard the gravelly voice of the rock he and petil had crashed into.

Oi, wut do ya lot o’ pebbles tunk youse doing? I’m tha one that calls tha shots ere, Elda said we ere to take anywun that got through to him, ya chalk heads, do I have ta do everytung ere?”

The other rocks grumbled and rumbled, but were quickly silenced by the large moss moustachioed rock bashing into them.

The Little Fire decided that now was a good time to surface. He flickered his face out of his log, along with the now quite blackened roots he was using for legs.

Hello, nice to meet you” The little fire said.

A few of the rocks fell back, a few even fell backwards.

The moustachioed rock gave the little fire a stony look, or at least stonier than usual.

Youse cummin wit us sparky”

Ahaha I uh, came here with a coneperson, small you know… eheh, they are all small. A small red one brown boots, a book”

The rocks were silent.

The little fire blazed up for a moment, a few more rocks toppled.

You haven’t crushed her have you?”

The, Moustachioed rock chuckled like a pair of small rocks banging off each other.

Don’t youse worry sparky, little bookworm is fine” Mustache Rock (for that was how the fire thought of the rock) shifted its body to point out a slab-like rock with Petil and her book on it.


What kinda rocks wouldse we be if we crushed a conepersun, strong gotta protect tha weak” he continued.


The little fire supposed this meant that he wasn’t counted among the weak, which had opened the possibility of him being crushed by rocks. He wasn’t honestly sure he wouldn’t prefer to be considered weak if it meant rocks wouldn’t think of crushing him.

He was relieved that Petil was ok, he had promised to get her home after all.

Thank you for not crushing me, I think I wouldn’t like that, and I do need to guide that coneperson home”

The M-Rock, laughed that odd clashing rock of a laugh of his.

Youse ain’t a bad sort sparky, glad I stopped tha bose when I did”

I am also glad”The fire repeated, he was also glad the rocks hadn’t turned out to be that bad.

The little fire crackled So, what is this elder person you are taking us to see?”

Tha Eldas tha big buss, his tha ‘ardest rock youse ever saw” Chipped in Edge, with some pride.

The little fire was led through the rock’s settlement which basically just looked like a load of rocks lazing about, but then a rock looked much the same lazing or at attention. A rock needed no house or food. In many ways it was a very easy life being a rock.

So, finally the procession of rocks stopped, infront of what looke just like another cave wall.

Then a great and terrible rumbling started up, and the little fire watched in shock as a great face emerged from the wall… no the wall WAS A FACE.

It moved its lips and opened its eyes and the little fire found itself faced with the elder of rocks.


Author: SnowyMystic