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Chapter 30: Mysterious Dimensional Lifeform P

A frustrated knot of a memory connected to one who was herself a source of countless frustrations.

“Hello Hello Everyone! It’s everyone’s favourite Miracle Charm Dimensional Nurse Pastella!”

The scene was an operating room that had more in common with a sacrificial altar in terms of appearance than anything else. The operating table was a slab of jade upon the backs of sleeping sculpted unicorns. This was atop a pyramid of stairs that spiralled out of the floor, as if it had been grown rather than made.

Floating above the table were obscure implements and tanks of liquids, though all of had the look of cruel torture equipment. Whoever made them had no thought for the mentality and morale of any patient.

Atop the table was what looked suspiciously like a bandaged fully embalmed mummy. Atop the mummy standing right on the stomach was a purple skinned woman. She wore a quite stereotypical nurse outfit, apart from the fact that it was blue, rather than white. Her legs however bent at an odd angle, displaying that they were backwards jointed. Her feet were scaly and shaped like a bird’s talons and all. Her hands were gloved, but even the gloves could not hide the presence of claw-like nails. There were of course, the pair of horns that looked more like someone had just stuck a pair of oversized sweets into her skull. Her purple hair was in pigtails, but the tails seemed to spiral of their own accord into a drill-like shape.

In spite of her standing on the patient, the mummy seemed quite fine.

The medical people surrounding the mummy, in their isolation robes, which were more like luminous white bags with gloves and a visor than anything else, were quite flustered.

“Oh preserve us, she’s here again!”

“Is the dimensional seal broken? How did she get in?”

“Dimensional seal is holding”

“S-she’s standing on the subject. STANDING”

“Parameters of the subject are rising, raising in minutes”

“Not again, not again!”

Pastella adjusted her footing, which resulted in a foot being placed on the mummy’s head, eliciting a grunt from it.

“Hey, hey, hey, do you know? Those guys at the other Corpentsis are covered by some kind of weird barrier and I can’t get in. Hey, isn’t that weird? I mean who’d keep me out? Why just by being around I’ve put a spring into your steps!”

One of the doctors fell to his knees again and began to weep.

“All our hard work is going to be wasted again!”

A smile crossed over Pastella’s mouth, revealing bladed fangs for teeth.

“Aww, don’t worry, I’ll make sure that this one is nursed to PERFECT health!” She said giving the mummy a kick.

“There’s still a chance the experiment can…”

“Don’t be a fool!”

“Vitalization and separation imminent!”

“Quick, strengthen the seal and perhaps we ca…”

The mummy shuddered and something like black gas escaped out of its mouth, the gas itself tore a dimensional hole open within the operating room and fled.

“Fusion is a failure!”

The mummy coughed a few times, as it noticed Pastella, the coughing got worse.

“Y-you again. Another failure” it managed to say.

“There there, everything’s better now! You’ve been very brave” Pastella rubbed the mummy’s back.

“So, that’s it then, we’re back several steps!”

“It probably would have been another wash anyway!”

“What are you standing around for! There’s still the other problem!”

There was the sound of grinding metal, and the shattering of complex medical equipment was heard along with cries of despair. The equipment was warping into the shape of some kind of sinister winged knight of evil, one with fair too many tentacles of warped equipment extending from the wings. Several doctors had fallen into the grip of these tentacles of course.

“Ah! the machine invader plague strikes again! Don’t worry! I’ll nurse it right to DESTRUCTION! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ll protect Corpentsis” Pastella shouted, before pouncing towards it.

They both broke through the operation theatre.

“Why did we have to save her back then, if we had just ignored the signal of the sigil, she’d never have become this!”

“To think I smiled when she said she wanted to become like us!”

“Quick, send out a notice, remove all equipment from her path!”

It was not certain that Pastella, once known as Mysterious Dimensional Lifeform P [number omitted] was a carrier of the machine invader plague or if she just had very interesting timing.

Regardless, wherever she appeared, chaos would follow.

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This is a serial, the first part is HERE

Chapter 29: The Dignity of Corpentsis

The plants outside had been quite subdued really.

“Doctor, this is the library you’ve led us to, not the physic gardens, correct?”

-It should be-

What was before the looked nothing like a library. Instead there were towers of medical plants of many colours, creating a sea of such a strange scent. Even worse these were hypnotically waving as the plants elsewhere had.

“It doesn’t look much like a library to me, did you read leaves in life Doctor?”

-They’ve probably grown from the books and other things. Likely first the books and then things like crystal records. Just how long ago was this abandoned?-

“Hm. Surely some of the more magical books or records will have survived? Shall we search a bit Doctor?”

Miss Fern tilted her head at Dr. Bones who had frozen in place, his head pointed at her.

“You aren’t having another episode are you Doctor?”

He shook his head. There was no way that he could tell her that he was surprised by her saying something helpful for once, even if it was obvious.

-I’m fine. We should stick together, but it seems there’s still some vague shape of shelves left, so I’ll take one side, and you check the side behind me as we go-

“Ok Doctor!”

So they began their search, which mostly uncovered bugs of an information eating kind, and bugs what ate those bugs and bugs what ate those too. Creatures on the level of rodents were also present, but furry mammals they weren’t. The most common was some kind of chubby four legged thing with scales that had its head on the end of its tail. Normally the head would rest atop the body. Miss Fern thought their bauble-like heads were cute.

Time marched on, but alas, no record was found until…

Dr. Bones and Miss Fern stood in front of the same shelf. Oddly there was actually a bare spot.

It was not a book or a crystal, a bottled memory or anything else that was there.

It was not some powerful artefact that resisted the plants.

No, it looked quite like a plastic card. A really cheap plastic card. The plants were avoiding it like it had a leaf rotting plague.

-Well, this is something-

Corpentsis Noobie Guide to Distress Sigils and You

Well fresh meat, you’ve been here a while!

This is another in our Corpentsis Noobie Trading Cards!

So, let’s say you’ve been tuned up to

sense the special Corpentsis distress signal.

What do you do?

Whoa there Noobie!

Before hopping into a tracker, you gotta report the signal!

For how to report the signal check the

Corpentsis Noobie Guide to Reporting Signals

You’re just a Noobie, you’ve no business answering the


Upon the card was an extremely feisty humanoid nurse, short skirted blue uniform and all. She was making a very rude face. The nurse had purple skin and jelly-like horns. She took up too much space, and thus the text was quite squeezed. It was very tacky looking art. A horrific memory surfaced in Dr. Bones’ mind.

This is a serial, the first part is HERE

Chapter 28: The Miracle of Life and Death

There was a small breeze in the tower, clearly there were several holes that weren’t present before. Still, the breeze was hardly strong enough to make the plants sway, but they did indeed sway to some unknown rhythm. Almost as if they were waving at Doctor Bones and Miss Fern.

“Why are they doing that doctor?”

-They’re welcoming me-


-Yes…- Doctor Bones said.

-Gives me some hope that I am who I think I am. Well, if they are welcoming me-

“Are you perhaps popular with plants Doctor Bones?” Miss Fern mused.

With his Ur-Chaotic Chameleon off, Doctor Bones’ appearance was clear to Miss Fern again. Some kind of weird skeleton with the bones of wings, and a horn sprouting from the forehead. She didn’t see the appeal, though she supposed that there was a lot of room to grow in around a fleshless skeleton.

-Aren’t you a plant too Miss Fern?-

“I don’t want to grow in your ribcage. It’d be too cramped”

-…I don’t think I want you growing in my ribcage either, why did you even bring that up…?-

They continued their inane chatter as they made their way through the medical foliage. No dire threat came to assault them, and they soon came to one of the doors of the library. Naturally it was overgrown with plants. Doctor Bones carefully dug the plants out, relocated or otherwise moved them aside.

“Oh my. I thought you were just going to tear them off!” Miss Fern chattered as Doctor Bones worked.

-We aren’t in a massive rush, so there’s not much point to causing trouble for these plants. Things can become undead, but once they’re truly dead, there’s no bringing them back-

“What about the Third Magic though?”

Among many beings aware of the uncounted dimensions, there’s a common line of thought. It goes like this;

There are three kinds of magic in all dimensions.

The First Magic, Law, the underpinning of a dimension.

The Second Magic, Delusion, where you deny reality, and bring forth distortion.

The Third Magic, Miracle.

There are those who believe in miracles, regardless of what form a dimension takes. There are who who claim to have seen the Third Magic. The Miracle does not come from the self, like Delusion, nor is it tied to the self, like Law.

Miracle comes from without. So it is said.

As to who brings forth the Third Magic, or what the magic even really is, there’s a lot of disagreement even among those who are sure it exists.

Some call it fate.

Some call it luck.

Some call it the act of an Ur-Creator, an Origin of Dimensions.

Some people call it a total cop-out

Many however in their most dire moments, in their worst moments, when all seems lost, hope for a Miracle.

Naturally considering the nature of Delusion and Miracle, some believe there is only one magic, that which is born from the laws of a dimension.

-The Miracle is, when on the edge to fall on the side of life instead of death. The true dead never return- Doctor Bones said.

Though as he said it, that fear raised its head. Was it his true belief about reality? Or was it something he had been conditioned? He could not wallow in that state. He refused to.

“Maybe the Third Magic is other people? After all, if you didn’t come along I’d have been stuck the way I was”

-You sure you aren’t a corn plant of some kind? Ah whatever. Door’s clear” Dr. Bones said opening it and walking through.

“Hmph, see if I ever show gratitude to you again, you bony meanie!” Miss Fern called after him before following him in.

As for what awaited them there…

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