Concerted Reversal Part 8

Chapter 7: The Many or the Few. He opens his eyes despite his fear

Ruin and Jojo covered their mouths in shock, and Luca had a sickened expression on his face. Gaddy however seemed abnormally calm.

So, we’re just supposed to wait here for everyone to, die or whatever… what a sick joke” he grumbled

At least we can survive. What else can we do, we’re just normal people. It’ll be hard enough to survive out here” Picky weakly replied.

Is there really no hope for the others” Jojo murmured.

Ruin started to cry, wasn’t this just too cruel, knowing about it but being powerless?

Luca pounded the wall in anger, but he had no words.

Gaddy however, did.

Normal? Maybe me and the girls are, but you and Luca, how are you normal? But so what if I’m normal I’d rather die trying to save everyone else than live with that guilt of survival”

H-hold on Gaddy, you can’t just rush in there!” Picky panicked.

You can’t die brother! Don’t do it!” Jojo wailed.

A hand put forth to stop their words, Gaddy spoke again.

Hey, I’m not that much on an idiot. More than dying, I’d like to save everyone and live, and that’s why, Picky… does your computer still work?”

Huh? You gone a bit loopy leader? What use is my computer now?”

I was just thinking that those mandibles guys probably have a lot of equipment.”

Picky connected the dots together. Jojo however did not.

You already brother?” Jojo worried.

Picky however had already taken out his terminal sphere. His eyes went dead as he activated it.

Wha-what is he doing?” Jojo asked, still confused.

Ruin and Luca figured out what was happening at this stage.

Right, while he’s doing that… let’s take some risks. Picky said that this place changes people, sometimes the people gain powers, so let’s risk becoming who knows what!” Gaddy said, clapping his hands.

Seriously, won’t someone tell me what’s going on?” Jojo wept.

Ruin put a comforting arm around Jojo.

Gaddy wants to save everyone, so he’s getting Picky to see what information he can get and if he can do anything else. As for us, Gaddy wants us to have more power than just Luca”

Ruin let out a little gasp after speaking more than she usually did.

Oh” Jojo responded, not really taking everything in.

We’ll take it in turns trying to get the Alterworld to change us. I haven’t a clue what we should do, so Luca how about you direct each of us in some exercises before doing some yourself?”

Gaddy was merely thinking of the last time he felt that odd sensation when they entered the Alterworld. While they were conducting their futile efforts at stirring whatever strange ability the Alterworld had, someone was already experiencing the full force of the Alterworld.

The Spiral Mystic opened his eyes

Author: SnowyMystic