Concerted Reversal Part 10

Chapter 9: Interlude: A lack of benevolence

She watched them.

From the moment in appeared, she watched them.

When one passed by her favourite pool she watched, and she left, sparing the creature.

It was like a child not crushing ants, simply because the child knew that if the ants were crushed, all that would remain would be dead boring ants. Not live ones. Not live ants wriggling around, scuttling back and forth.

While the World-Will adherents began their vile ritual, she simply watched. While the ritual was unbound and delayed. She watched. She took a small amusement from the efforts of the lesser spiralling spirit to veil itself.

She was interested when flesh met spirit and united, and when that creature changed. It was like seeing an ant partly turn into a mighty beetle.

So, she watched all this. She kept other spirits away, because she did not want the ants to be crushed.

That was all. Just some idle curiosity towards something strange that she had not seen before.

She thought herself superior, untouchable, and in some ways she was. How would she have felt knowing that sometimes the spirits are the ones who get eaten?

She watched the ants, thinking herself removed.

There was no malice, but such a gaze could not be considered benevolent.

If she had helped, or if she had slain all… well pehaps she could have avoided what ended up happening to her.