Stir Around Dead Part 26.1

Chapter 25.1: The Cat Claims Its’ Own, the Tree Considers Leaves

To his credit, Zamelnah did not even flinch at what Koolah said.

“Well, good thing that I wasn’t possessed, and my hand was not used to kill her, now we could go on like this, having our little stand-off, or we could do something useful, like finding out what actually happened.” he said.

“I do have better things to be doing than comparing postures to some stripling of an elf” Koolah mused.

“Yes, exactl… wait, stripling?”

This cry of injustice went unheard as Koolah calmed her hat and the shadow of a dragon wavered away. She was however, quite prepared to defend against a sneak attack. Bringing out her charm, she held it above Jadah’s corpse.

“The three were once one, the three came from one, to one they shall return, to return to wholeness”

As she said these words Jadah’s body along with her sleeping spirit collapsed in on itself, as they were water pouring into a hole. The hole in this case was the charm that Jadah had worn. When it was finish, the charm weaved itself together on Koolah’s.

One thing that Zamelnah noticed with this act was that the flow of magic became less chaotic around Koolah, more like the flow of the outside world, rather than the distorted fallen realm.

“What a peculiar charm” he commented.

Following those words, Koolah gave him a filthy look.

“Far less peculiar than that bird on your head” Koolah observed.

Zamelnah gave a weak laugh and finally dispelled the magic on his arm, the chittering winds dying down. He gave an apologetic bow.

“Alas to my misfortune, while Golobos has served me well, it is because of his particular abilities that I’m the one House Vulk sent to observe this blasted place”

Not even giving Zamelnah a glance, Koolah immersed herself in looking about the area for the traces of Jadah’s attacker.

“It wasn’t so bad until something went horribly wrong”

“Something always goes horribly wrong, is what I’ve found. I’ve tried to be prepared for such, any leads?”

Koolah stopped and harrumphed.

“I know what kind of creature it is, I’m just not sure how it came to be, or who it was possessing”

On inspection by Zamelnah, he discovered that some of the crow-leaves were… wrong. After some consideration he plucked one of the crows off without a care in the world.


[Apologies for the short length, I’ll do another tomorrow]

Author: SnowyMystic