Caravamel Part 8

Chapter 7: A Nice Random Person’s Intentions, and Snow Knights of Fancy

“Quickly tell her a joke!” Ismi ordered.

Kejo gave a nonplussed look to his mother.

“Wouldn’t that be bad? I mean pirates attacking us is one thing, but random people?”

“Son, that isn’t a random person! Don’t you realise what she was saying?” Yerdl explained.

Fancy Chill floated back to her pet blizzard and dramatically stirred it around, pretending that she had never fallen.


“You hear that? She’s a nice random person, she’s offering to help us home, though I don’t know how she can. How could you tell me to kill someone like that, this isn’t how you raised me” Kejo chastised his parents.

Fancy Chill fell off her blizzard again, landing as an inelegant pile of feathers.

For a few moments, everyone was silent, and an incredibly awkward atmosphere passed through.

One of the four winds, likely the South blew through and mockingly harrassed Fancy Chill’s blizzard. It seemed the wind was laughing.

Fancy Chill seemed to be having some trouble untangling herself from the ground, falling over each time she tried to get up.

After a while the Caralids staring at Fancy Chill, Ismi shook Turmeric’s reins.

They slid on by.

“Is it really alright to just leave her like that? She was going to help us!” Kejo protested.

“Sorry? Who?” Ismi asked, feigning complete ignorance.

“I don’t know, dear, he must have knocked his head when we escaped from that village” Yerdl replied.

“I-i uh…”

Doubt filling his heart, Kejo looked back, sure enough there was Fancy Chill, still stuck in an awkward position, she was blasting herself with her own blizzard in an effort to get unstuck.

It really wasn’t working that well.


“Didn’t you just hear that?” Kejo asked worriedly.

“Hear what?” Yerdl asked.

“It was probably just the wind” Ismi sniffed.

Turmeric pulled the caravamel onwards through the snows, leaving the random person far behind.

* * * * *

The blizzard had returned, and this time it seemed completely incensed.

It tossed about shards of ice that Turmeric bravely dodged, even as his owners clutched their pots in fear.

The caravamel was even clipped by a shard at one point, yet still Turmeric kept going, keeping it from flipping by sheer force of momentum.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Turmeric was a twipstrider he would have looked quite valiant, a lumpen body and aggressively bristling nose hairs don’t lend themselves well to such appearances. Neither does only possessing three legs for that matter.

“Oh won’t you just die already? I want to move on to another story!” Fancy Chill complained.

“AHHH! There!” Kejo pointed with a long finger.

Riding atop the blizzard was none other than the black dripping winged, scarlet necked Fancy Chill!

“Just tell her a joke already!” Yerdl shouted.

Ismi and Yerdl hid inside their pots, and Kejo opened his mouth.

As he did so, the blizzard rose up and drowned the sound of his crime against humour out.

“Aaaha, Aaaha, Aaaha!” Fancy Chill laughed. “Do you take me for a fool? Have I not been watching and crafting your story?”

Kejo dutifully ignored this and tried to keep telling jokes.

Fancy Chill in turn ignored his jokes and began forming a grand bolt of frost.

“With this, I close this tale, poor travellers, taken by the cold of the blizzard” She said.

The bolt of frost shot out.

In this moment, there was a great rumble, and the ground before the caravamel cracked open, a fissure in which the bottom could not be seen.

Naturally the caravamel fell right into it just before the bolt of frost hit.

“Curse you, land of Elcon!” Fancy Chill snapped.

She guessed correctly, the very land of Elcon itself had ‘saved’ the Caralid family. It had to repay Fancy Chill for making someone mistake her work for its after all.

Fancy Chill eyed the fissure with distrust. She was one of a kind, and a being that loved the feel of the air. Enclosed spaces weren’t really something she was keen on, to put it lightly.

She let loose an arcane cry, and her blizzard swept up the snows into three snowmen.

The snowmen were made up of three balls each, possessing no other adornments. Fancy Chill shook out her wings, and three of her feathers stuck into the heads of the snowmen. Icy cracking noises emitted from the snowmen and they began to change into sculptures of knights in full armour, each with a black plume of a single feather.

“Go my minions, bring an end to their tale!” Fancy Chill called.

As the knights jumped down the fissure, Fancy Chill relaxed on her pet blizzard and formed a mirror in front of her, so that she could watch the demise of the unfortunate travellers…

Author: SnowyMystic