Howl, Sing, Rock, Sand Part Seventeen


Wolfhiem was reborn, greater than it was before. Word of the Glass Operapalace spread quickly throughout elcon and musicians and others flocked to it.

Lupix ruled as a just Queen, not only that, but she delighted her subjects with her singing and operas. Lupix discovered that while she wasn’t great at coming up with her own songs, she could write a mean opera or musical. She would be remembered for how she defied the Firelord, and for bringing Wolfhiem back from destruction.

Laud Boum kept his promise, protecting those that wished to travel to Wolhiem along with his Fireworks Band! It is even said that he engaged the Firelord in single combat once, though Laud never confirmed or denied it. He also terrified and delighted those of Wolfhiem with his music. Eventually he would become credited as the father of the explosive genre of music.

Koul stayed by his Queen. He guided her carefully in her rule, but was delighted as his guidance was needed less and less. He threw himself into the reconstruction of Wolfhiem. He became the first Royal Architect of the Firehowlers. Wolfhiem before had just been a kind of slapped together collection of slapped together buildings, under Koul, the city became as much of a work of art as the songs sung in it. He also played all manner of percussion instruments for Lupix, though he never became a famous musician.

Mik, Specker and Am ‘P’ performed at Wolfhiem for sometime, even still performing with Lupix, but having become even more recklessly brave (for conepeople) They left to perform music all over Elcon. They only got more troublesome with each adventure they had.

The King retired to a life of mercilessly criticizing people’s music. He also nagged Lupix for grandchildren continually. One day he up and vanished, Lupix was most distressed, but many in Wolfhiem believed he’d come back to criticize their music.

The tailless slugs that learned music from Laud returned underground, prompting the first great underground musical war.

Bread returned to the Great Snowy Forest to torment all the denizens there.

As for the Firelord?

He glowered in a temple he made for himself, he had lost much power at Wolfhiem. Many minions had abandoned him too. The loss of One of his Grand Snuffers was a large blow.

His forces were as a result pushed back from the north of elcon.

The Spirit of Fire yet slept…

Author: SnowyMystic